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How to use the text-to-speech feature on iPhone

In the iOS 17 update, the iPhone got a built-in text-to-speech feature called “Live Speech,” and it comes with a great additional feature called Personal Voice where you can create a digital copy of your personal voice to be used by the Live Speech tool when converting text to speech instead of using Virtual sounds. Instead of hearing a robotic voice when you convert text to speech, you'll hear your real voice if you set up Personal Voice, making the text-to-speech experience more realistic.


10 hidden features in the Messages app

When Apple released the iOS 17 update last year, it introduced a modified interface for the Messages app that includes many useful hidden functions and customization options that may not be obvious to the average user. In this article we've collected 10 of our favorite tips that we hope will make your messaging experience more enjoyable.


How to set up automatic control and a shortcut for the always-on display feature on the iPhone screen

The Always-on Display feature on the iPhone screen now contains several customizations. If you are concerned about the battery draining quickly and want to achieve a balance between enjoying the benefits of the feature, managing battery consumption more effectively, and allocating time to enable it and control its behavior. This guide is on how to automate Always On Display, regardless of your iPhone model.


The 7 best ways to use the visual search feature on iPhone

The Visual Look Up feature on the iPhone, which competes with Google Lens, through which you can scan images and videos to search for them and related information online, upload the topic you want to search for from the image and use it in other applications. Here are 7 ways. Preferred to use this feature learn about it.


What is the voice dictation feature? And how it can save your time

With time, technology develops dramatically, and this may help you greatly in saving your time, increasing your productivity at work, or even facilitating simple routine matters such as sending messages to friends, writing some notes, and so on, so in this article we explain to you the voice dictation feature and how you can use it to facilitate your time. And your effort.


Tips you need when buying a new iPhone

The release date of the iPhone 15 is approaching, but the question here is: how do you choose the iPhone that is right for you? Should you buy the pro or regular version? What capacity is right for you? And other confusing questions for anyone who intends to buy a new iPhone. In this article, we will provide you with a set of information and advice when purchasing a new iPhone.