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What is the voice dictation feature? And how it can save your time

With time, technology develops dramatically, and this may help you greatly in saving your time, increasing your productivity at work, or even facilitating simple routine matters such as sending messages to friends, writing some notes, and so on, so in this article we explain to you the voice dictation feature and how you can use it to facilitate your time. And your effort.


Tips you need when buying a new iPhone

The release date of the iPhone 15 is approaching, but the question here is: how do you choose the iPhone that is right for you? Should you buy the pro or regular version? What capacity is right for you? And other confusing questions for anyone who intends to buy a new iPhone. In this article, we will provide you with a set of information and advice when purchasing a new iPhone.


How to keep the iPhone to be like new always

The iPhone is not a cheap device, and with the economic crises the world is going through, the iPhone may be an investment, and you must preserve its value. If you want to keep your iPhone and do not know what are the appropriate ways to keep your device as new, this article will help you.


7 secrets in the screenshot on the iPhone you may need to know

There is no doubt that the screenshot on the iPhone has received several developments and improvements since its launch, and there is no doubt that you use it as a quick measure to take an important screenshot of the screen content, or video content from various platforms. In this article, we remind you of seven secrets in the screenshot on the iPhone that may be more useful to you, get to know them.