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News on the sidelines for the week of May 26 - July 1

A developer reveals the name of the Apple Mixed Reality Glasses system, and Apple creates an atmosphere of excitement for the upcoming developer conference with exciting phrases, revealing the highly complex Apple Glass design, and other exciting news on the sidelines…


Does iOS 17 really support downloading from outside the App Store?

In the iOS 17 update, Apple will give, for the first time, iPhone users the ability to download apps from outside its official App Store. This modification, commonly referred to as SideLoading, will enable customers to download apps without having to use the App Store, meaning that developers will not be required to pay Apple a fee of 15 to 30%.


News on the margin Week 9 - 15 December

Soon support for sideloading and alternative application stores on the iPhone, and the Microsoft Authenticator application for the Apple Watch will be stopped, and the first beta versions of the iOS 16.3 update will be launched, and Tim Cook praises Sony, and other news on the sidelines.


What was the first app you installed on your iPhone?

In 2008 the Apple App Store was launched, and whether you are an old iPhone user or a new user, it is possible that you have downloaded a lot of applications that over time, you forgot the names of most of them, but you do not have to, we will review how to find out the first application you installed on a device Your iPhone, and a list of all the apps you've downloaded since you first bought the iPhone.