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Apple boasts of selling Vision Pro glasses to the most successful American companies

In Apple's recent financial results announcement as well as the new iPad launch conference, Tim Cook took advantage of these events and pointed out that the Vision Pro glasses are attracting the attention of a large group of major companies. He stated that nearly half of the American companies listed on the Fortune 100 list have requested to purchase units of Vision Pro glasses.


Find out the real cost that Apple pays for manufacturing Vision Pro glasses

When Apple unveiled the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, there was shock due to the price, which reached $3500. Of course, Vision Pro glasses are full of advanced technologies and new parts that were made specifically for them, but what is the real price of Apple Vision Pro glasses? Continue reading as we will learn about the real cost that Apple pays for manufacturing one Vision Pro glasses.


So that you do not lose your money...an important feature that Apple Vision Pro glasses lack

We would like to tell everyone who bought the Apple Vision Pro, do not try to lose the glasses, and do not use them in public places, so that they are not stolen from you. If this happens, you will regret it very much. Because this means that you have just lost $3500, and you will not be able to recover this amount forever, unlike other Apple devices, which still have hope of recovering them even if they are stolen.