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What was the first app you installed on your iPhone?

In 2008 the Apple App Store was launched, and whether you are an old iPhone user or a new user, it is possible that you have downloaded a lot of applications that over time, you forgot the names of most of them, but you do not have to, we will review how to find out the first application you installed on a device Your iPhone, and a list of all the apps you've downloaded since you first bought the iPhone.


How does the app or game top the list in the Apple and Google Stores?

Have you ever heard of the attention economy, in short, it means treating your interest as a unique good because your brain can't comprehend the amount of content scattered all over the place while browsing the Internet, so whoever offers the commodity filters the content based on Your interests, and therefore competition is fierce on the Internet in order to know your interests and get your attention towards a commodity or product