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News on the margin week 24 - November 30

Misinformation spread about how the NameDrop feature works, some Google Drive user files mysteriously disappeared, Apple is working on a cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro glasses, changing the default sound for notifications and vibrations in the iOS 17.2 update, and Apple abandons development of its own 5G modem.


News on the margin week 3 - November 9

X-rays reveal all the differences between the original and fake AirPods headphones, and Apple may acquire one of Disney’s valuable assets for $40 billion, and the iPhone 16 with exclusive artificial intelligence features, and other exciting news on the sidelines.


News on the sidelines, October 27 - November 2

Support for the passkey on WhatsApp, moving the address bar to the bottom of the iPhone screen on Google Chrome, and a new update for AirTag tracking devices. The M3 Pro chip has a memory bandwidth of 25% less than the M1/M2 Pro chip, behind the scenes of filming at Apple’s recent “Scary Fast” event with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and new buttons on the iPhone 16.


News on the sidelines week 6 - 12 October

Apple launches a new update for all of the AirPods Pro 2 headphones, and the iFixit team examines the components of the iPhone 15 under a microscope, a video of the first iMac dating back to 1999 that works with touch, testing the breakability between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and leading phones, and a new modification to the Actions button in The upcoming iOS 17.1 update,


News on the sidelines week 1 - 7 September

Google mocks the iPhone in a new ad, a significant increase in the prices of the iPhone 15, and the USB-C port tempts Android users to move to the iPhone. Apple launched a live broadcast on YouTube to prepare for the iPhone 15 launch event, and concluded a new long-term deal. Range with British chip company Arm. And other exciting news on the sidelines...


News on the Fringe Week 16 - June 22

Google launches a humorous ad mocking the iPhone, the lock mode feature reaches the Apple Watch, a new video showing the capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro camera, the new and exciting screen distance feature, and Apple explains why it does not support external watch faces.


Google I/O 2023 conference summary

Google hosted its XNUMXth annual I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California. The conference highlighted developments in artificial intelligence, updates to Google Images, search, and more. Here is a summary of the conference in bullet points.


News on the sidelines for the week of April 28 - May 4

Leaked images and specifications of the Google Pixel Fold phone, and WhatsApp allows chat transfer to another iPhone without iCloud, and Apple may soon start selling refurbished MacBook Pro and Mac mini devices for this year, and the New York Police recommend that car owners in New York City use AirTags, and news Other exciting in On the Sidelines…


News on the margins for the week of April 21-27

A new feature in WhatsApp to save messages in chat, a new diary application coming from Apple, Amazon discontinued the Halo bracelet, outperforming the refurbished iPhone on all phones, new features for the lock screen in iOS 17, the end stage for mixed reality glasses, and other exciting news in an article On the sidelines…


News on the sidelines for the week of March 17 - 23

iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the thinnest phone, postponing the launch of the 7-inch HomePod, updating iOS 16 next week, the Apple Watch may help treat sickle cell anemia, selling an original iPhone for $ 55, and Xbox soon on the iPhone fone, limited launch of the chatbot Google Bard,