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News on the sidelines week 13 - 19 January

A carbon copy of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Google is working on a tracking device such as AirTag, mixed reality glasses at the price of the iPhone, the postponement of augmented reality glasses indefinitely, and Joule shuts down the Stadia platform,


News on the margin the week December 30 - January 5

With the launch of the first activities of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2023, a device connected to the iPhone to do urine analysis at home, and the announcement of new screens from Samsung and Dell that compete with Apple Studio and XDR screens, the return of the Fortnite game to the Apple App Store soon, and other exciting news in Ali Margin…


News on the margin Week 2 - 8 December

Dismantling and modifying the iMac and removing the chin, Apple is working on a 20-inch foldable screen, advertising resumes on Twitter, iPhone 1 wants to compete with the iPhone, a big change to Google search, a super app from Microsoft, an Apple car soon, and other news Exciting in On the Sidelines…


News on the margin week 17 - November 24

The iPhone 15 Pro will come with tactile buttons, angry protests in China, the A16 Bionic processor outperforms the new Snapdragon 8 second generation, Microsoft brings back the SwiftKey keyboard, the live view feature in Google Maps, Phil Schiller closes his Twitter account


Apple employees are unhappy with the huge expansion of advertising

Apple employees are not satisfied with the significant expansion of advertising and some have expressed fears that Apple will focus on advertising more and this will damage the reputation of the brand, whose goal has always been to provide a distinct experience when using the iPhone and its other products.


Apple may launch a search engine to compete with Google after four years

Sometimes allies and sometimes competitors, this is the relationship between Apple and Google, but the common thing between them is that they want to make a lot of profits, and perhaps Google is the default search engine in Apple devices, but the latter does not want that partnership to remain like this, and the question here, when will it launch? Apple is a search engine that can compete with Google.


News on the sidelines for the week of August 4 - 11

Apple begins recording the iPhone 14 launch event, a new update awaits for WhatsApp, a decrease in Intel, AMD and Nvidia shipments, the continued growth of the Mac, an increase in iPhone 14 shipments, a decrease in the acquisition of companies, and Apple adjusts the battery status in iOS 16 ,


Google Pixel Buds Pro headset vs. Apple AirPods Pro

Google launched its latest Pixel Buds Pro headphones, which are designed to compete with AirPods Pro headphones. Reviews were made between the two headphones and tested whether the Google headset was on par with the Apple AirPods Pro headset at a price of 250. Learn about the most important features of the new Google headset compared to the Apple headset.