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Devices that Apple will launch for users in 2024

In this article, we present to you a group of devices that Apple is working to launch to users during the year 2024, the most important of which are the iPhone 16 series and Apple Vision Pro glasses. In addition to tablets such as the iPad Pro and iPad Mini, which Apple will return to issue two years after the discontinuation of this series.


Where is the new iPad? Why did Apple break a 12-year tradition?

Apple revealed the first iPad in 2010, and since then, it has not stopped launching a new iPad annually, but during the last year, 2023, the company decided to break the tradition that had lasted for nearly 12 years, and this is the first time that it did not... A new Apple tablet comes to light. Why did Apple abandon this habit? When will we see a new iPad?


Things you should know about the new Apple USB-C Pencil and how it compares to previous generations

Less than a month ago, Apple announced a new, low-cost USB-C Apple Pencil that is compatible with all iPad models with a USB-C port. Which was launched in early November and is sold alongside the original and second-generation Apple Pencil. Here are the most important facts and new features that the new Apple Pencil contains compared to others from the first and second generation.


News on the sidelines for the week of July 14-20

The launch of the Apple Pay payment service in Morocco, and Apple is experimenting with the artificial intelligence tool “Apple GPT”, and the start of manufacturing Apple products with 2007D printing technology, and the application of Specter supported by artificial intelligence is free, and the sale of an original iPhone dating back to 190 for $ 15, and the iPhone XNUMX may come with stacked battery technology.


News on the margins for the week of May 12-18

Google deletes unused accounts, and it is very possible that Apple’s glasses for mixed reality will be launched at the upcoming Apple Developers Conference, and the fall detection feature in the Apple Watch saves two lives, and WhatsApp launches the chat lock feature, and larger screen sizes in the iPhone 16 Pro, and other exciting news in Ali Margin…


News on the margins for the week of April 21-27

A new feature in WhatsApp to save messages in chat, a new diary application coming from Apple, Amazon discontinued the Halo bracelet, outperforming the refurbished iPhone on all phones, new features for the lock screen in iOS 17, the end stage for mixed reality glasses, and other exciting news in an article On the sidelines…


News on the sidelines week February 24 - March 2

Mixed reality glasses support writing in the air and do not require the presence of a paired iPhone, iPad Pro models with OLED screens at a high price, the introduction of an Apple 5G modem starting next year, restricting unsupported USB-C cables, and the iPhone 16 Pro with FaceID under screen, and iMessage for Windows 11


News on the sidelines week 21 - 27 October

YouTube in new form and improvements, Stage Manager support for external screens, Apple starts showing more ads on the store, and resentment from developers because of gambling ads on the store, and a 16-inch iPad,


The most prominent differences and similarities between the iPad Pro 2021 and the iPad Pro 2022?

The new iPad Pro came with some powerful updates, the most important of which is the M2 chip that offers unprecedented performance and high-speed wireless connectivity, but is this enough for the upgrade, during the following lines we will learn about the most prominent differences and differences between the iPad Pro 2021 with the M1 chip and the new iPad Pro 2022 with the M2 chip Then the decision is yours.