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Simple tips to fix annoying slow keyboard on iPhone

You're probably using the default iOS keyboard. Apple's keyboard is generally efficient and good, offering a wide variety of languages ​​and shortcuts, and even featuring a hidden trackpad. However, there are cases where the keyboard may not work as expected, such as slow response while typing, so how do you solve this problem?


How to downgrade or downgrade from iOS 17 update to iOS 16 update

Here is an easy way to go back from the iOS 17 update to the iOS 16 update. Through the EaseUS MobiXpert program, which is a program specially designed to simplify the process of going back, or what is known as downgrading, to an older version of iOS or even upgrading it to a newer version launched by Apple, and all of this in a few easy and simple steps. And in just a few minutes.


What happens when you download a new iOS update on an old iPhone?

Updating the operating system is very important for your iPhone, but if you have an old version of the iPhone, will your phone be affected when you download a new update? What are the consequences or side effects of that? Battery performance may be declining and you feel that your phone is taking a long time to restore files or to carry out the commands you give it.