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Apple decides to permanently get rid of its economical iPhone SE 4

It was expected that the fourth generation of the iPhone SE would be based on the design of the iPhone XR, but it is clear that this will not happen anymore because the company decided to refer the iPhone SE 4 to retirement before its expected launch in 2024, why? Follow the article with us...


News on the margin the week October 28 - November 3

Elon Musk completes the acquisition of Twitter, Jony Ive in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the launch of iOS 16.2 in mid-December, and the head of Telegram accuses Apple of destroying dreams, a new closure in China due to Corona, and the return of the luminous apple logo is smarter,


News on the sidelines: Week 25-31 March

Apple is developing special financial services, a MacBook Air with a larger screen, and finally sending large files on WhatsApp, the possibility of the return of XNUMXD touch, and other exciting news for this week in On the Fringes!


News on the sidelines: Week 11-17 March

Beware of these malicious programs! And important leaks of the iPhone and Foxconn's investments in Saudi Arabia and another computer screen from Apple and other exciting news for this week on the sidelines!


Summary of the Apple conference in March 2022

The Apple conference for the month of March 2022 ended, in which Apple revealed the new generation of the iPhone SE, the fifth version of the iPad Air, the M1 Ultra processor, the Mac Studio computer, and other new products.