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What's new in the camera and photos in iOS 17.2 update

The iOS 17.2 update came with many features, most notably the new Diary application, in addition to improvements to the system in general. Apple certainly does not neglect the camera and photo applications, especially in a major update like this. It has added some expected features and changes that we will learn about in some detail in this article.


What's new in the Camera and Photos apps in iOS 17

In the iOS 17 update, Apple made improvements to the Photos and Camera apps. These updates improve the user experience through various additions, such as expanding the Visual Look Up feature to locate a wider range of objects and objects, including unfamiliar symbols that we see in our daily lives. Here's everything new in the Camera and Photos apps in the iOS 17 update.


15 tips for organizing your photo library

If you have owned an iPhone for a long time, you probably have accumulated a large number of photos and videos in your photo library. Photos and videos may be very valuable to you and you don't want to delete them. We have some tips to share with you that will help you easily organize your photo library in just a few clicks.


5 new features coming to Photos with iOS 17

The iPhone is no longer used only for calls and internet connection, and many rely on it as a professional photography tool thanks to its advanced technologies and more than wonderful lenses, and because Apple knows the importance of photography for its users, we will learn about 5 new features coming to photos with the iOS 17 operating system .


Apple will shut down iCloud Photo Stream on July 26th, here's what that means

The iCloud service has been available for nearly 12 years, and it has undergone great developments until it became a comprehensive platform for storing a wide range of different data, including basic documents, photos, videos, and more, but in its infancy it did not offer the same wide capabilities that it provides now, as it was a concept Cloud storage at the time was very limited, and the service provided was called iCloud Photo Stream, so why did Apple keep it with the developments of iCloud Cloud over these years, and why would you close it now?


How to add fake geotags to photos to hide your real location

If you are concerned about privacy and want to limit the collection of your location data as much as possible, the iPhone contains features that allow users to protect their privacy. Including the ability to use fake geo-tagging of iPhone photos that you share with others to protect the true location of those photos.