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Your phone apps are not listening to you!

Surely you have ever discussed a product with someone, then opened the Internet or a social media application, and then saw advertisements in front of you for what you were talking about a while ago! You are not alone, we are all this person, and we have all faced this scenario, and this made us point the finger at these applications, and that they are eavesdropping on us and listening to the conversations that take place between us.


5 new safety, privacy and security features in iOS 17

Users are still discovering the advantages of the iOS 17 operating system, which includes a number of new features such as interactive widgets, contact stickers, standby mode, and other great features, but many overlook the security features in order to enhance privacy and protection for iPhone users.


How to use security keys to protect your Apple account on the iPhone

Apple added a new security feature for the user's Apple account on iPhone devices running iOS 16.36 called security keys, as it allows users to add an additional physical security layer to their Apple account. That way, if someone else gets hold of the password, it will be useless without proper security keys.


Apple can identify the user through data analytics in the iPhone

Researchers discovered that Apple uses analytics data on the iPhone in order to identify users and whether they agree or decline to share that information. What do you think about Apple collecting user data without their knowledge, and does Apple give up being the first sponsor of user privacy?


How to add fake geotags to photos to hide your real location

If you are concerned about privacy and want to limit the collection of your location data as much as possible, the iPhone contains features that allow users to protect their privacy. Including the ability to use fake geo-tagging of iPhone photos that you share with others to protect the true location of those photos.