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Apple explains why the iPhone 15 Pro Max is limited to 5x optical zoom

During the launch conference of the iPhone 15 series, Apple said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max provides optical zoom of up to 5x at 120 mm, and although this is considered the longest optical zoom ever on an iPhone, and during this article we will learn why it is limited. iPhone 15 Pro Max has 5x optical zoom only.


News on the sidelines week July 28 - August 3

Apple does not plan to release the third generation of the Apple Watch SE this year, the iPad with thinner edges like the iPhone 15, and Apple requires developers to describe why their applications use certain software tools, and Apple approves the X icon for Twitter in the Apple App Store, and the launch of i- iPad Mini 7 this year, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2.


News on the Fringe Week 23 - June 29

The A17 Bionic chip for the iPhone 15 Pro will have two versions, Apple is developing a new iMac with a screen larger than 30 inches, YouTube is working on a new gaming service called Playables, and other exciting news on the sidelines…


News on the Fringe Week 9 - June 15

In news on the sidelines, the success of the jailbreak work for the iPadOS 17 beta update, a tool to transfer Windows games to Mac, low-priced Apple glasses soon, Samsung launches two new screens, and Apple is facing a case for using the name Vision Pro.


Pictures of the moon in Samsung phones: real or a marketing trick

When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S23 Ultra phone, it claimed that it was a marvel in photography and to prove its capabilities, the company showed pictures of the moon, claiming that its most powerful phone was able to capture those pictures with fine details thanks to the advanced zoom feature, but it seems that the matter was a marketing trick and the credit is due to artificial intelligence.


News on the sidelines for the week of March 3 - 9

Apple is working on fingerprint technology under the screen, Samsung manufactures its own processors similar to Apple Silicon, WhatsApp prefers to leave the United Kingdom in order not to weaken encryption, the Microsoft Outlook application is completely free, and the emergency feature is made available via satellite in new countries,


News on the sidelines week 3 - 9 February

Apple is reducing the prices of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in China, the iPhone 15 Pro without buttons, Samsung and LG are preparing for the new iPad, the iPhone with reverse charging, and a visualization of the iPhone Ultra


iPhone 14 Pro is much faster than Samsung S23 Ultra

The performance standards for the S23 Ultra were announced compared to the iPhone 14 Pro last year, and those standards indicated that the iPhone 14 Pro is the fastest and that it has the fastest processor in the world by a large margin.


News on the sidelines Jan. 27 - Feb. 2

Apple adopts Wi-Fi 6E in the iPhone 15, the AirTag is dangerous to dogs, the collision detection feature saves victims in an accident, the new HomePod leaves traces on wooden surfaces, and Jony Ive designs a red nose that is considered the best in history


News on the sidelines week 6 - 12 January

16 years have passed since the first iPhone, the return of the iPhone 14 Pro supply process to normal, the iPhone 15 entering the trial production stage, the date of the Samsung conference, Apple designing the screens of its devices, fixed buttons in the iPhone 15, and Mac Touch devices,