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Phone Islam application - WhatsApp tool

We updated the tools of the PhoneIslam application, and many users were impressed by the efficiency and capabilities of these tools, but despite all this, some users were angry; Because the WhatsApp tool has been deleted, we, of course, can only respond to the request of our loved ones and brothers. If there is something useful to you, we will undoubtedly work to achieve it.


Phone Islam application update - new tools that you will not be able to live without

Yesterday, the Phone Islam application was updated, thanks to God, and it is the main application for this website. We iPhone users find that there are some tools that we need, and they are simple and do not deserve a full application, and at the same time they are important, for example, downloading videos from social networking sites, or converting between Gregorian and Hijri dates. Simple but important tools, so we introduced the Tools section in iPhone Islam to solve this problem.


What is the feature of the new WhatsApp channels and how do you use it?

During 2023, the Mita company introduced many features and additions to the WhatsApp application, and among these features are the WhatsApp channels that will enable you to follow all the institutions, entities, or even the people you love, and it is not over with that, but rather all of this will happen without any violation of the terms The privacy we are used to from the WhatsApp application.


New features, including preventing calls from unknown persons on WhatsApp

Meta has responded to all users' complaints about receiving anonymous calls from strangers for marketing and fraudulent purposes, as it has issued the feature of silencing anonymous callers, which will increase the privacy of users, and the phone will not ring when a stranger calls you, but rather it will appear as a missed call, and you can then determine if the call is really important or not.