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WhatsApp Click and Chat feature that allows you to start a conversation with a person without having their phone number or saving it in your phone's address book.

Click and chat


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There is a big gap between Arab and foreign news applications, and we saw an opportunity to fix this and produce an Arabic application that benefits everyone interested in reading news and knowing what is happening around it in the world by developing a synchronized project, an application for smart devices and a website that collects news from the best Arab sites and displays them in full and in the same format as the original site And very quickly, and we were able to do this using a technology that we've been working on for over two years, which is the Quick Article technology.

The technique of quick articles is very complex, as it understands the sites and the way they display articles and converts their content into a special small-sized format, at the same time understanding each element of the content and preserving its identity and displaying it in the original device language to display quickly, completely and in the same original format of the content and without download time.

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