Click and chat

WhatsApp Click and Chat feature that allows you to start a conversation with a person without having their phone number or saving it in your phone's address book.

Click and chat

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With the update of the iPhone Islam application, we introduced the Tools section, and in this section we decided to put useful tools for all users of Apple devices, not only being a unique news application, but also providing a benefit beyond that.

We often need to start a WhatsApp conversation without registering the number in the contacts, such as sending the location to a delivery agent or others. This tool makes it easier for you. By clicking on the WhatsApp tool (click and chat) you will be able to type the phone number and then press the (send message) button and start Chat instantly on WhatsApp. The wonderful thing is that it is a smart tool that identifies phone numbers around the world and identifies the country key, using any other tool you need to put the country key and delete the zero from the phone number, but the WhatsApp tool (click and chat) recognizes the country key if you put it, and if you don't put it you choose your country You automatically put the key to it and configure the number to be accepted by the WhatsApp application.

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