synchronize  Exclusively, you can Continue Your favorite site iPhoneIslamAs well as the most famous Arab and international sites each Her articles And the news of it will be in your hands, a technology-based synchronized app Quick Articles It is the best way to enjoy enjoyable reading in Arabic (Free).

App-Aad application represents another dimension of the application where the user can access the programs he wants in an easy way and he is interested in the Muslim and Arab user where there are categories such as Quran, Hadith and Islamic, and the application becomes more useful while it is closed where you receive notifications of offers on Arab and foreign applications, and it also offers more advantages Other.

To My Prayer application is considered the beginning of a new generation of prayer applications as it is characterized by the beauty and simplicity of the interface, the ease of knowing prayer times accurately and a lot of other advantages such as an alert to make the phone silent before entering the mosque, easy movement between cities, sharing prayer times on Facebook and Twitter, setting an appointment after prayer, Various themes.

Make a smile, make wisdom, create memories with the app that will make photo editing and creating fun. Photo editor application. whether You want to add a group of pictures in one place, or you want to make a funny comic picture, or you want to write in distinctive Arabic or foreign fonts, or you want to deliver a message through an image, the photo editor app is your best choice

Draw and guess The Draw and Guess game is a two-way game based on that one side draws and the other guesses the drawing, and upon correct guessing the first gets stars, the game includes a number of unique aids so that your drawings are of a high level even if you are not good at drawing.

Colorful letters The color messaging application enables the user to send messages to his friends in a new way, with colors and decorations, and without jailbreak.

Scattered letters game Challenge your friends and send them difficult questions, and the question will reach it with scattered letters and they must answer it in the least possible time. You can also test information through dozens of stages and questions in the game.

Alfanous - an advanced Quranic search engine You can write any word, and it will appear to you the number of times it appears in the Noble Qur’an, verses and detailed information about it. You can also listen to the verse that includes this word.

Every year in Ramadan, the Ramadan Forum conference is held in Dubai under the auspices of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and it is concerned with communicating the Islamic religion in a correct manner, and this is the official application of this conference.

The application of Timo owners is the largest Arabic production in the software store and aims to teach the child values ​​we miss such as the value of respect, and it includes a number of stories, games and videos to teach children.

The Qiblah in Virtual Reality is an application that guides the Muslim to the direction of the Kaaba using virtual reality technology so that you see the Kaaba as if it is in front of you, and you can also watch a live broadcast from the Kaaba over the 24 hours.

IPhone Dictionary of Islam In short, it is the best dictionary that works without an internet or internet connection with a word favorite and a game to test the strength of your language.

Who does not know the game of crossword puzzles! It is an intellectual, mental, game that depends on patience and then on the level of the player's information. A purposeful and entertaining game with a simple and elaborate design that makes you spend a lot of time with it with pleasure.

Do you feel that time is running out and may you lose sight of your tasks due to a lack of awareness of time? With the Talking Clock application, an hour will not pass for you unless you are alerted with a wonderful Arabic radio pronunciation.

A quote application that includes more than 1000 Arabic and translated sayings and wisdom that push you to think and stimulate the mind, thinking and contemplation, and it is divided into several different sections.

The Fatwa program is a cooperation between the iPhone Islam team and the Fatwa site, and the fruit of cooperation is this program that will facilitate the user to access the fatwa from its source and from trusted sites from his device without risk, searching the Internet and accessing sites whose content may not match our belief .

Abu Yusuf application is one of the famous chat programs, but with an Arabic and Islamic flavor, it provides you with the usual fun and at the same time maintains Islamic values.

My personal diary application is intended to be an alternative to the calendar program in the iPhone and to make the Hijri date important in your life. As Muslims, we care a lot about knowing the Hijri date alongside the Gregorian date.

Steps application is the first Arabic application in the software store that takes advantage of the latest Apple technology, such as the M7 co-processor, which analyzes device vibrations and predicts the movements that you have made. Once you open the application, you will be presented with an interface that informs you of the outcome of the day’s movement, and you can set a daily goal to make sure that your fitness will not be affected by modern life.

An application that includes a large number of Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yacoub's lessons, as well as a selection of the Sheikh's best audio lessons, divided into three audio series.

Finally, the Hang Man game turns into an Arab game called the Hanged Man. Enjoy playing and challenge your intelligence and intellectual skill with this interesting, easy-to-play and difficult game of professionalism. We always love to make distinct and useful games and there is no more universally loved game than this game.

We have been plagued in many forums and websites and through postal messages with the abundance of fabricated and weak hadiths. Unfortunately, these falsehoods spread quickly and we rarely find anyone responding to them and explaining them to their brothers or explaining their weakness except from the mercy of my Lord, so we designed this application that includes a large number of other hadiths Correct and spread.

Like the iPhone, reinventing cell phones, this i4 Islam Radio app, reinventing Islamic radio on mobile devices.

Although our names accompany us throughout our lives, some people may not know the meaning of his name, is this not strange? With the names application, know the meaning of your name or the name of your loved one, choose the name of your next child, or convert your name to a distinctive background for your device.

The first program to speak Arabic, yes, the program enables you to convert Arabic and English texts into audible speech.

Greeting on special occasions and holidays has become a pleasure with the Islamic cards program, all you have to do is choose a card from 160 cards designed with care and taste to suit any private or public occasion.

This is Mohammad is An application directed at the Western user and aims to properly introduce the West to our master Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, away from false rumors and gossip.

Your comprehensive information XNUMX The first Arab game of its kind in the software store, test your knowledge, a very entertaining and useful game at the same time that challenges your intelligence and knowledge in an interesting way and makes you always come back to play with it again.

Developer Islamic Calendar One of the oldest and most popular Arabic apps in the software store and it converts the Gregorian calendar to the Hijri calendar and vice versa.

The Koran It is one of the first applications of the Noble Qur’an in the software store, and it gives you the option to choose the Qur’an, how to browse it, and other features.

Did you know application It is a program that contains more than 1300 interesting and useful information, with a wonderful design, and is ideal in times of waiting and leisure.

An application for the morning and evening remembrances, after prayer and other remembrances, and it is considered one of the first Arabic applications in the software store and the first application of the iPhone Islam company.