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Is Apple's Siri voice assistant losing the race to ChatGPT?

Apple's Siri voice assistant appeared for the first time when the iPhone 4S was announced, and now, nearly 12 years after its launch, many have lost passion about Siri's capabilities, and it seems that Apple's voice assistant is close to losing the race to new chatbots such as ChatGPT.


Expectations about the Apple Watch 9 for this year

The Apple Watch receives annual upgrades, and although iPhone rumors often steal the limelight, there have been some rumors about upcoming Apple Watch models. In this article, we mention everything we know about the Apple Watch 9 coming this fall.


[642] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

The first app to take advantage of GPT 4, an advanced video editing app that requires no editing skills, an app that helps you manage your personal stuff in an efficient and tidy manner, and other great apps this week as chosen by iPhone Islam Editors


Pictures of the moon in Samsung phones: real or a marketing trick

When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S23 Ultra phone, it claimed that it was a marvel in photography and to prove its capabilities, the company showed pictures of the moon, claiming that its most powerful phone was able to capture those pictures with fine details thanks to the advanced zoom feature, but it seems that the matter was a marketing trick and the credit is due to artificial intelligence.


Solving the problem of the iPhone is charging slowly

If you update your iPhone to the latest version and notice that your phone is charging at a slower rate, this may be due to the clean power charging feature of the iPhone since the iOS 16.1 update. Here are some tips for a quick and correct charging method for the iPhone...


[641] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An application that contains an electronic library of Islamic heritage, an application that enables you to go to tourist places and watch via live cameras, an application that provides a service for converting audio texts into written texts, and other great applications for this week, according to the editors' selection of iPhone Islam