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IP Group reveals a Trojan targeting iOS users

Apple is on the verge of a new security vulnerability! iOS users have had their bank accounts hacked by a new Trojan called Gold Digger, as reported by Apple's IP Group. The hacking is done by creating deep fake images and accessing text messages and identity documents. Here are all the details in this article.


News on the sidelines week 9 - 15 February

Apple launches an artificial intelligence tool to move the image based on your description, and Zuckerberg says that the Quest 3 glasses are better than the Apple Vision Pro glasses, more than 1000 applications are available for the Vision Pro, and Apple shares an overview of the privacy and security features in the Vision Pro, and other news on the sidelines


How many items can you track through Find My?

Have you ever used Find My to track your iPhone or find out where your AirTag is? But have you ever wondered, how many items can a location network track through just one account? Read on to find out the answer, which may come as a surprise to many of you.


What features will be supported by artificial intelligence in iOS 18?

Apple will respond to criticism, but in its own way. The news indicated that Apple wants to prove to everyone that iOS 18 will not be like other systems, but rather that it will be the largest operating system that Apple has ever created. It also wants to prove to everyone that it is coming strong in the field of artificial intelligence, and will offer many features in iOS 18 supported by artificial intelligence.


The iPhone 16 Pro Max is about to make history with its huge battery!

The integration between hardware and software in the iPhone compensates for the modest capacity of its battery, through energy efficiency, balanced performance, and important features, but it seems that Apple has decided to bring a happy surprise to its users, as the iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to contain the largest battery compared to any A previous iPhone.


iPhone SE 4 will come with the interactive island feature and a design similar to the iPhone 16

Exciting rumors for fans of the iPhone SE series, as news indicates that Apple is making a set of changes to the iPhone SE 4. The most important of these changes is the addition of the Dynamic Island feature and that the phone will come with a single lens in the back instead of two lenses. Follow with us and we will share with you all the new changes that Apple has made to the phone.


Apple plans to introduce a foldable iPhone

A new step for Apple in the foldable devices market! After some reports indicated that Apple was working on introducing a foldable iPad, today reports indicate that Apple has prototypes for a foldable iPhone. Apple is communicating with suppliers from Asia to purchase parts for the new phone.


Your phone apps are not listening to you!

Surely you have ever discussed a product with someone, then opened the Internet or a social media application, and then saw advertisements in front of you for what you were talking about a while ago! You are not alone, we are all this person, and we have all faced this scenario, and this made us point the finger at these applications, and that they are eavesdropping on us and listening to the conversations that take place between us.


Apple releases iOS 17.3.1 and iPadOS 17.3.1 update

Yesterday evening, Apple released the iOS 17.3.1 operating system, and Apple says that this update provides bug fixes, and mentioned a fix for an error that occurs while typing. Only, however, Apple has released updates for all its systems. So this update only addresses an annoying problem.


News on the sidelines week 2 - 8 February

Launching the Vision Pro glasses in China no later than May, working on launching the YouTube application on the Vision Pro glasses and these alternatives can be used now, a change in the standard iPhone 6 camera design, and other exciting news on the sidelines.


WhatsApp is preparing to launch the feature of adding contacts to favorites

WhatsApp is testing adding a new feature, and this is what was reported after the last beta version of the application was circulated. The feature will be to add contacts to favorites to make it easier to access contacts and make calls with the click of a button. Here are all the details and how you can use the new feature from the WhatsApp platform.