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Apple releases iOS 17.3.1 and iPadOS 17.3.1 update

Yesterday evening, Apple released the iOS 17.3.1 operating system, and Apple says that this update provides bug fixes, and mentioned a fix for an error that occurs while typing. Only, however, Apple has released updates for all its systems. So this update only addresses an annoying problem.


News on the sidelines week 2 - 8 February

Launching the Vision Pro glasses in China no later than May, working on launching the YouTube application on the Vision Pro glasses and these alternatives can be used now, a change in the standard iPhone 6 camera design, and other exciting news on the sidelines.


WhatsApp is preparing to launch the feature of adding contacts to favorites

WhatsApp is testing adding a new feature, and this is what was reported after the last beta version of the application was circulated. The feature will be to add contacts to favorites to make it easier to access contacts and make calls with the click of a button. Here are all the details and how you can use the new feature from the WhatsApp platform.


So that you do not lose your money...an important feature that Apple Vision Pro glasses lack

We would like to tell everyone who bought the Apple Vision Pro, do not try to lose the glasses, and do not use them in public places, so that they are not stolen from you. If this happens, you will regret it very much. Because this means that you have just lost $3500, and you will not be able to recover this amount forever, unlike other Apple devices, which still have hope of recovering them even if they are stolen.


Apple announces first quarter earnings of 2024

Last Thursday, Apple held its earnings call for the fiscal first quarter of 2024 ending December 30, 2023, where Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri shared details about Apple's performance, recent product sales, services growth, and more. Apple recorded total quarterly revenues of $119.6 billion, an increase of 2% year over year. Here are the highlights from this earnings call.


The new Apple Glasses...is it a fading fad or a marvel in the world of technology?

One of Tim Cook's traditions, which he has been keen on for some time, is to appear to everyone and be photographed using or wearing Apple devices, especially during important conferences and events for the company, but the matter has been different for the Apple Vision Pro since its unveiling at the WWDC 2023 conference until now. Cook was careful not to wear the Vision Pro mixed reality headset.


[665] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

Learn about the application that caused the article to be published this week. Also, an application that will take you on an amazing journey into the world of art and cultures. The best application for watching and downloading videos from YouTube, and other wonderful applications for this week, according to the selection of iPhone Islam editors


News on the margin the week January 26 - February 1

Low customer satisfaction with the iPhone 15 Pro. These are the countries where you can install applications outside the iOS App Store. The iOS 18 update will be the largest update in the history of the iPhone. Apple has sold nearly 200 Vision Pro glasses.