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All about the Always On Display feature on the iPhone 14 Pro

Since the iPhone 14 Pro is the first iPhone to include an always-on display feature, there are many unknowns about how the feature works, what it looks like, whether it's customizable, and how it affects battery life. We answer these questions and more below.


Contacts app gets its biggest update ever in iOS 16

The last major feature that the Contacts app on the iPhone got is the emergency contacts that can work even in Do Not Disturb mode, and it was in the iOS 10 update. But in iOS 16 it got its biggest update ever. Here's everything that came in Contacts in the iOS 16 update.


[619] iPhone Islam picks seven useful applications

An application that enables you to record the screen of the iPhone and then a link immediately to share, and an application that collects health statistics for you and puts them in a professional medical report, and an application for fans of the Instagram platform, and other distinguished applications… Applications of this week are chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam


Features copied iPhone 14 Pro from Android phones

Apple provided us with a variety of upgrades and new and wonderful features in the iPhone 14 family, of course most of them were for the iPhone 14 Pro, but many of these features are inspired by Android phones, and here are features that are not new to the technical community and developed by Apple to suit iPhone 14 Pro


iPhone 14 is made in India, not China

China is the manufacturer of the world and it is not easy to dispense with it as a manufacturer, and there are always obstacles and problems that make it difficult for technology companies, especially Apple, in the decision to reduce dependence on the Chinese giant. But Apple has already taken this step and moved part of the production lines of the new iPhone devices to India.


The difference between A16 Bionic and M2 processor

Apple unveiled its latest and largest smartphone chip, the A16 Bionic, with the announcement of the new iPhone 14 Pro models, but how does it compare to the latest M2 processor for MacBooks? Here is a comparison of the two processors.


Know all about 48MP photos on iPhone 14 Pro

Apple announced powerful features and upgrades for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and among those new features, a 48-megapixel main camera, but this does not mean that all the photos you will take with the new iPhone will be 48 megapixels. In the following lines, we will learn about the features of taking 48-megapixel photos.