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10 strange and shocking facts that many users do not know about Apple

Apple was founded on April 1976, 10, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who together built one of the largest technology companies in history. We've rounded up some interesting facts about Apple, some funny, some weird, and some really impressive. In this article, we explore XNUMX things about Apple that you may not have heard of before.


New features, including preventing calls from unknown persons on WhatsApp

Meta has responded to all users' complaints about receiving anonymous calls from strangers for marketing and fraudulent purposes, as it has issued the feature of silencing anonymous callers, which will increase the privacy of users, and the phone will not ring when a stranger calls you, but rather it will appear as a missed call, and you can then determine if the call is really important or not.


News on the sidelines for the week of August 18 - 24

An increase in the price of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, and the USB-C braided cable with the iPhone is 50% longer and in different colors, the iPhone 15 will come in five colors, and the iPhone 15 may support charging speeds of up to 35 watts, and the option to send High-resolution photos on WhatsApp, the iPhone 15 Ultra name is back, and other exciting news on the sidelines.


Learn about the advantages of the iPhone in travel

There are many features that the iPhone provides you that can help you to a great extent during your travels, such as sharing the location with friends, knowing the temperature and rain forecast, the Live TEXT feature that will help you translate texts such as purchase invoices or the food menu, and finally the visual search feature, which is It will help you to find out information about the places where you envision.


The benefits of the Apple Watch for your health and improving the quality of your sleep

Health care is an important matter for Apple, as it always launches health features in iPhone phones and Apple watches, such as measuring heart rate, regulating medication intake times, measuring sleep regularity and quality, in addition to intervening at times through the emergency call feature. In the event that you are exposed to any collision and many features, we will explain them in this article.


All the rumors about the Apple Watch X so far

With the approaching date of its tenth anniversary, some rumors and speculations have launched that there is a radical update coinciding with this tenth anniversary, similar to the iPhone X in 2017, whose new design was a transition to a new era of design and new, more advanced technologies.


ChatGPT crashes on the iPhone? Here are ways to fix that

The Chat GPT application has become an essential thing for many users, due to its ability to facilitate many tasks and accomplish them in no seconds, and in this article we explain to you the steps to solve the problem of Chat GPT crashing in more than one way and the reasons behind that.


A feature in iOS 17 that reduces eye strain for users

After the iOS 17 version is available, you will be able to use the Screen Distance feature, which increases the distance between you and the phone to reduce the risk of myopia or eye strain, by sending alerts to the user when the distance is less than 15 inches or 40 cm.


News on the sidelines, week 11-17 August

New sensors in the Apple Watch to measure pressure, iPhone 15 manufacturing in India for the first time, Netflix trying games on TV, Mac and computer, Xiaomi challenging Apple with its new phone, launching an alternative store for iOS, iPhone 15 with Thunderbolt speeds, and banning TikTok in New York ,


Apple warns of a fatal error committed by many users of the iPhone

Most of us put the iPhone in the charger at night, and this is not a problem with it, but there is a common habit that many users do, which is leaving the phone under the pillow, or covering it while charging, and this habit is very dangerous, and Apple warned that it is a fatal mistake, And you need not to do this again, so as not to put your life in danger.