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News on the sidelines week 22 - 28 September

Fears of high temperature of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple may launch a new iPad mini this year, Apple may not launch a cheaper version of Apple Glass, Apple launches the refurbished Mac Studio M2 and M2 Max on its online store, and i models -The iPhone 15 supports a USB-C to Ethernet port for faster internet, dismantling the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and Apple suggests possible fixes for the weather problem on the Apple Watch.


News on the sidelines, week 11-17 August

New sensors in the Apple Watch to measure pressure, iPhone 15 manufacturing in India for the first time, Netflix trying games on TV, Mac and computer, Xiaomi challenging Apple with its new phone, launching an alternative store for iOS, iPhone 15 with Thunderbolt speeds, and banning TikTok in New York ,


News on the margins for the week of May 12-18

Google deletes unused accounts, and it is very possible that Apple’s glasses for mixed reality will be launched at the upcoming Apple Developers Conference, and the fall detection feature in the Apple Watch saves two lives, and WhatsApp launches the chat lock feature, and larger screen sizes in the iPhone 16 Pro, and other exciting news in Ali Margin…


News on the sidelines week 6 - 12 January

16 years have passed since the first iPhone, the return of the iPhone 14 Pro supply process to normal, the iPhone 15 entering the trial production stage, the date of the Samsung conference, Apple designing the screens of its devices, fixed buttons in the iPhone 15, and Mac Touch devices,


News on the sidelines week 14-20 October

Apple cuts the price of the refurbished iPad Pro, Mark Zuckerberg claims that WhatsApp is more secure than iMessage, and iPhone SE 4 will come with an iPhone XR design, and Apple plans to redesign iMessage, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max battery outperforms everyone…