New sensors in the Apple Watch to measure pressure IPhone 15 In India for the first time, Netflix is ​​experimenting with games on TV, Mac and PC, Xiaomi is challenging Apple with its new phone, the launch of an alternative store for iOS, iPhone 15 with Thunderbolt speeds, the ban on TikTok in New York, and other exciting news in On the sidelines…

News on the sidelines Week Mar 5 - Mar 11

Google Chrome iOS can use artificial intelligence to summarize articles

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Google has introduced enhanced AI features to the Google search engine, with the aim of helping users better understand online information. In Chrome, there is a new demo option where you can get key points from longer articles and even ask questions about the content. Google's "SGE as you browse" feature is designed to help people engage more deeply with long articles without summarizing paid articles. It's available on iOS and Android, and will be coming to desktop devices soon. Google also plans to improve responses generated by artificial intelligence, allowing users to preview the meanings of words and related images when they hover over words.

iPhone 16 Pro supports Wi-Fi 7, and a 48-megapixel ultra-wide camera

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According to technical analyst Jeff Bo, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models are expected to contain two important upgrades. The first is Wi-Fi 7 support for faster and more reliable internet. The Wi-Fi 7 chipset will be able to send and receive data over the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands simultaneously, resulting in faster Wi-Fi speeds, lower latency, and a more reliable connection. With technologies like 4K QAM, Wi-Fi 7 is expected to deliver maximum data transfer speeds of over 40Gbps, 4 times more than Wi-Fi 6E.

Well there is another upgrade for the camera. The ultra-wide camera may contain 48 megapixels instead of 12, for better photos, especially in low light; Because it captures more light.

Twenty-fifth anniversary of the first i-Mac

From, Steve Jobs in front of an Apple computer during the week of August 11-17, as reported in the sidelines.

August 15 marks the 15th anniversary of Apple's first desktop computer, the i-Mac, which was released on August 1998, 15. The ‌iMac‌ was distinguished by its unconventional design and different from its competitors, with its semi-transparent case, XNUMX-inch CRT screen, and this Influenced computer designs at the time.

And Apple used new technologies for the first time in the computer world at that time, such as USB and FireWire cable or fire wire, and it allows a transfer rate of up to 3200 Mbps, to transfer data from cameras, hard drives, and other devices estimated at 63 devices. Apple also got rid of floppy disk drives.

The iMac had a PowerPC G3 processor, 4GB hard drive, 32MB RAM, a CD-ROM drive, two USB ports and the all-important ethernet port for Internet connection at the time.

The design of the iMac has changed a lot over the years. In 2002, the iMac G4 came with a gorgeous domed dock and flat screen.

From, a white iPad on a stand.

Then in 2004, the iMac G5 put all the parts behind the screen, which became a standard design for the future.

From, Apple iMac computer.

Apple introduced the aluminum and glass iMac in 2007, and in 2014 it introduced the Retina display. Then came the iMac Pro special in 2017, and in 2021, the iMac gets a new redesign; Because of the switch to Apple Silicon.

From, a blue screen computer top desk displaying news on the sidelines for the week of August 11-17.

With the iMac turning 25 years old, the iMac is still the best. Although it did not get the M2 chip, a new version with the M3 chip is coming later this year. In the future, Apple may launch a larger and more powerful iMac model, such as the iMac Pro.

New York bans Tik Tok

New York City has decided to ban TikTok on devices owned by the city and used by its employees due to security concerns. The city's cyber leadership stated that TikTok could pose a risk to its tech networks. This means that city employees cannot download or use TikTok on their work devices and cannot access the TikTok website. Although some employees may have used it for marketing before, it is no longer allowed. The US government has also been pushing for a national ban on TikTok, as there are concerns about data security because TikTok's parent company is based in China. Some other countries and the United States have already banned TikTok on government devices.

The iPhone 15 was spotted in the regulatory database as close to launch

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Less than a month before the official announcement of the iPhone 15, a phone believed to be the iPhone 15 was discovered in India's regulatory records.

“Regulatory records” are official documents that list information about products such as smartphones. These documents make sure that products meet the required standards before they can be sold.

In the past, similar patterns occurred as references to upcoming iPhones were found in these records. This time, a device with a new model number A3094 has been spotted. This number has not been used before, and since iPhone model numbers usually increase with each new release, it is likely that this is the iPhone 15. This is the first time that the iPhone 15 has been seen in an official record. This news comes after reports of the start of production of the iPhone 15 in India, previously it was produced mostly in China before it was announced. Seeing new Apple devices in regulatory filings often means they will be launched soon. According to a report, Apple plans to unveil the iPhone 15 lineup on Tuesday, September 12th.

Some iPhone 15 models feature Thunderbolt data transfer speeds

From, a person holding a phone with a broken CPU board, mentioned in the news on the sidelines this week.

According to a new report, some versions of the iPhone 15 will contain a special chip called Thunderbolt / USB 4 retimer. The word retimer refers to the chip or IC used in this technology, which helps transfer data very quickly. And the source saw pictures of the parts related to the USB-C port of the iPhone 15, and it is believed that these pictures show the Thunderbolt chip. This chip helps make sure that data signals are strong and stable, which is important for fast data transmission. Other devices with Thunderbolt also use this type of chipset. ChargerLab, the source of the report, is confident that it found this chip in the USB-C parts of the iPhone 15.

It is expected that all types of iPhone 15 contain USB-C instead of the Lightning port. iPhone 15 Pro models with USB-C ports are likely to support very fast data transfers, perhaps as fast as Thunderbolt. It is possible that the regular iPhone 15 models will have slower USB 2.0 speeds, such as the Lightning port.

Just for comparison, the iPad Pro has a Thunderbolt port that can transfer data at speeds of up to 40Gbps, while the primary USB-C port of the iPad can transfer at only 480Mbps.

Launching an alternative App Store for iOS in Europe

From, weekly news highlights from August 11th to 17th.

Setapp, a subscription service for apps, has announced its plan to launch a new app store for iPhones and iPads in 2024. The move is attributed to a law in the European Union called the Digital Markets Act, which makes big companies like Apple open their platforms to other developers. This may lead to changes in how the App Store and other Apple services work. It is expected that Apple will have to allow users to download apps from sources other than its own App Store. This change, called sideloading, could mean that people wouldn't have to pay Apple's usual fees.

To follow this rule, Apple is considering adding sideloading in the next iOS update. Setapp already has a subscription to Mac apps, and the new App Store will allow people to access these apps on other devices like iPhones. They will also add apps from other developers. For now, the new App Store will only be available in European Union countries. If you are interested, you can join Waiting list to try it out.

Xiaomi challenges Apple with its new Mix Fold 3 phone

From, Samsung galaxy s10e and Samsung galaxy note 10 news.

Liu Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, said recently that his company is taking the iPhone as a goal to reach and even outperform it in the end. Then compare the new Xiaomi foldable Mix Fold 3 phone with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Xiaomi aims to compete against Apple, as its device sales exceeded iPhone sales for a brief period in 2021 despite its market value being much lower. Xiaomi seeks to become a prominent competitor and a strong player in the advanced smartphone market, by focusing on improving the user experience, and aims to bridge the gap left by other companies such as Huawei. The Mix Fold 3 phone comes with advanced features such as a large 8-inch AMOLED screen, a 5x periscope zoom camera, a second-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and 50W wireless charging. The phone is currently available in China at a starting price of $1240.

Netflix is ​​testing games on TVs, Macs and PCs

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Netflix has announced it's expanding its range of games for TV, Mac and PC as part of a test in Canada and the United Kingdom. A limited number of Netflix customers in these countries can visit on supported browsers on a PC or Mac to play a couple of test games, such as Oxenfree and Molehew's Mining Adventure. Games can be played with a keyboard and mouse.

For TVs, the games can be played on different devices such as Amazon TV, LG TVs, Roku devices, and more. There is an app called Netflix Game Controller that lets you play TV games using your iPhone or Android. Netflix has been offering mobile games since 2021, and it offers more than 50 games.

M3 Pro, M3 Max and M3 Ultra chipset will provide more CPU and GPU cores

These chips will have varying numbers of high-performance, energy-efficient CPU cores, as well as GPU cores. And for comparison with M2 processors:

◉ Where the M3 Pro processor comes with 12 or 14 CPU cores “6 or 8 high performance and 6 energy efficient” and 18 or 20 GPU cores, compared to 10 or 12 CPU cores “6 or 8 high performance and 4 efficient for power” 16 or 19 GPU cores for the M2 Pro processor.

◉ The M3 Max processor comes with 16 CPU cores “12 high-performance and 4 energy-saving” and 32 or 40 GPU cores. vs. 12 CPU cores “8 high-performance and 4 energy-efficient” and 30 or 38 GPU cores for the M2 Max processor.

◉ The M3 Ultra processor comes with 32 CPU cores “24 high-performance and 8 energy-saving” and 64 or 80 GPU cores. Compared to 24 CPU cores (16 high-performance and 8 energy-efficient) and 60 or 76 GPU cores for the M2 Ultra processor.

The regular M3 chip will likely have the same CPU and GPU configuration as the current M2 chip and will be used in devices such as the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac, and iPad Pro. Apple is also testing MacBook Pro models with 36GB and 48GB of memory. The first Macs with the M3 chip are expected in October, while models with the M3 Pro and M3 Max chips may not arrive until 2024. Macs with the M3 Ultra chip may arrive by the end of 2024 or later.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple launched the seventh public beta versions of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 updates for developers, and launched the sixth beta versions of watchOS 10 and tvOS 17 updates for developers,

◉ In the upcoming macOS Sonoma update, Apple is simplifying the process of restoring a stuck Mac using another Mac through the Finder. No need for Apple Configurator anymore. Simply connect your two Macs with a USB-C cable and follow the steps. DFU mode is caused by a power outage during a macOS update. The macOS Sonoma update is in testing, and will be released in a month or two.

◉ Apple has released the watchOS 9.6.1 update for the Apple Watch. It aims to fix some issues. An important fix in this update helps apps that track the movements of people with Parkinson's disease.

◉ Foxconn, Apple's supplier, manufactures the iPhone 15 in India, marking the first time a new iPhone has been manufactured outside of China. The devices will be manufactured in Tamil Nadu, India, and are set to be ready soon after the Chinese production. The move is in line with Apple's strategy to diversify away from China. The company plans to manufacture a quarter of all iPhones in India by 2025 and aims to manufacture AirPods there by 2024.

Apple may take a bigger bite of India's manufacturing pie

◉ Apple plans to use special sensors called Strain gauges to measure pressure, in order to improve the ability of the Apple Watch to track strength exercises, such as weightlifting, bodybuilding, and others. These sensors measure the impact of these grueling workouts on the body. Currently, the Apple Watch can track things like heart rate and time during workouts, but it's not very accurate for strength training. These new sensors can provide more detailed information about exercise and its effects on the body.

This is not all the news that is on the sidelines, but we have brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for the non-specialist to occupy himself with all the incoming and outgoing. And help you with it, and if it robbed you of your life and got busy with it, there is no need for it.


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