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Dialogue with Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

The writer, Hammoud Al-Hamoud, thankfully made a dialogue about the iPhone and the popularity of it in the Arab world, especially Saudi Arabia .. And this was my answer to his questions ..

Q / The company has not yet launched the device in the Middle East region, and we see attempts to disassemble the device and introduce some programs (as you did). What are the reasons for this trend by users and not waiting for the Arabic version approved by the company? Is it true that the company has an intention to pursue those who dismantled the device? Especially with the difficulty of decoding the latest device update?
The company has a plan to introduce the device to the whole world, as it started in America, England, Germany, France and others, and some large countries such as China, for example, have not obtained the device until now .. This indicates that the device will take some time until it reaches the Middle East and the Arab region Officially ... although there are strong rumors saying that it will be in the Arab region in the sixth month of the year 2008, but my personal opinion is that we will not get the device officially before the end of 2008
As for the directive of users from now to deal with the device, this is for two reasons. First, everyone knows that this phone will not reach the Middle East soon, and this is because the purchasing power of Apple products in the Arab world is not great. Secondly, the device is irresistible in terms of capabilities and creativity in design, and it is enough that it got me The title of the best invention for the year 2007 and also the fastest selling device, as it sold five million phones in only six months, and many other titles, and this indicates that it is really a distinctive device in terms of designing programs and internal and external parts.
I do not think that the company will pursue those who disassemble the device or make programs for it, because Apple is a smart company and it knows that these achievements in terms of program work and development of the device system itself are in its interest and we see that the company has benefited a lot from the ideas presented by the hackers of the device, so that it She hired one of the hackers for him .. Also, the company has the ability to stop all additional programs, but this has not happened until now, and I do not see that this is the policy of a company that intends to pursue the hackers, but it is only an appearance to preserve the rights of the phone companies that have contracted with Apple to despise the device.