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Best Apps of 2024 Apple Design Award Finalists (Part XNUMX)

Apple announced the applications nominated for the Apple Design Awards, which are considered the best applications of 2024. Apple highlights applications with outstanding design, innovative content, and their usefulness to the user. The applications are selected in the categories: joy and fun, inclusivity, innovation, interaction, social impact, visuals and graphics, and spatial computing.


Apple Design Award Finalist Apps (Part 1)

Apple announced the finalists for the Apple Design Awards, where Apple selects the best apps and games annually, and announces the winners at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC). Apple highlights apps with outstanding design, innovation, ingenuity and technical achievement. Check out these selected apps.


News on the margin Week 1 - 7 December

This is why Apple was created, as Jobs said. A check for only $4 with Jobs’ signature is for sale at auction for more than $35. The award for the best apps and games of 2023, the Zoom application for Apple TV, the separation of Instagram chat from Facebook, the iOS 17.2 update within hours, and WhatsApp. It allows sending photos and videos in original quality, and other exciting news in the margins...


How to use web applications on iPhone and iPad

A web app is basically a website that is designed to look like a traditional app. It does not require downloading or installation through the App Store. Apple has supported this type of application for years, but what is a web application? How is it different from the typical applications used on the iPhone and iPad? 


News on the margin the week November 25 - December 1

4nm processors for the iPhone in 2024, a new image sensor from Sony for the iPhone 15, and Apple announces the winners of the 2022 App Store Awards, where the best applications and best games for all devices, and problems in sales of the iPhone 14 Pro, and one of them stole 300i -Von, and other exciting news in On the Sidelines