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Know all about 48MP photos on iPhone 14 Pro

Apple announced powerful features and upgrades for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and among those new features, a 48-megapixel main camera, but this does not mean that all the photos you will take with the new iPhone will be 48 megapixels. In the following lines, we will learn about the features of taking 48-megapixel photos.


How to edit and modify messages in iOS 16 update after sending them

There are big updates to the Messages app in the iOS 16 update, with 24 new features, some of which were much needed. Some of the updates are aimed squarely at competition with other apps, and among the new features is the ability to edit messages after sending or even unsend them. In this article, we learn how to edit an iMessage after sending it.


What was the first app you installed on your iPhone?

In 2008 the Apple App Store was launched, and whether you are an old iPhone user or a new user, it is possible that you have downloaded a lot of applications that over time, you forgot the names of most of them, but you do not have to, we will review how to find out the first application you installed on a device Your iPhone, and a list of all the apps you've downloaded since you first bought the iPhone.


How to add attachments to calendar on iPhone

There are a lot of details that you can add to an event in the calendar app on the iPhone. You can also add attachments to an event you've added to your calendar. Here's how to add attachments to iPhone calendar


How to find out the number of charging cycles of the Apple Watch battery

Can you find out the number of charging cycles that the Apple Watch battery has done and thus know whether your watch battery is working efficiently or not, continue reading the article and we will tell you the way to help you discover the number of recharging cycles of the Apple Watch battery in an easy and simple way and without the need to use external applications and programs


For beginners, how to change live photos to still photos to save storage space

The Live Photo feature on the iPhone allows you to automatically record 1.5 seconds before and after the photo is taken, and these are very short video clips, which may fill up a lot of your storage, so if you prefer a still image rather than a photo Live to save this space, your iPhone has an option that lets you do just that easily


5 Different Ways to Check AirPods Battery Life

The problem of the lack of a clear and accurate indicator of the battery status in the AirPods, there is only a LED indicator through which you cannot distinguish between charging when it is full, half-full, or even close to completion, so in the following lines we will learn about 5 different ways that can help you know the percentage To charge the AirPods battery