Professional and free video editing, efficient password management, the easiest application to make digital copies of your documents, and more in the options of the best applications of the week according to the choice of editors. iPhone Islam represents a complete guide that saves you effort and time in searching among piles of more than 1,939,909 In application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Egypt trains

Do you live in Egypt? Or maybe you want to go to Egypt for tourism or to visit relatives? If you are this or that, knowing the train times is of paramount importance, because it is one of the most important and fastest means of transportation in the country. This app is completely free and shows you everything you need to know about trains from train times, stops and more.

Egypt Trains
Ahmed Mokhtar
Size48.0 MB
Available on the software store

Note: Most of the apps are free to download or free for a limited time, but some may contain a monthly subscription, ads, or additional paid features.

2- Application VN Video Editor 

Have you ever wanted to edit a video? To edit it, add pictures, audio clips, even remove audio clips, make the video slow, etc.? VN Video Editor is the best video editing app I found on the software store. Because it has a lot of professional features and it's free!

VN Video Editor
Ubiquiti Labs, LLC
Size261.3 MB
Available on the software store

3- Apply TickTick

Personal memo and to-do apps may have sprouted on the App Store, but TickTick is the best for me. When you download it, it transfers the tasks stored on your device, whether in notes (Reminders) or in the calendar, so you do not have to transfer everything yourself. Its great design, ease and amazing sound effects make it my #1 choice.

TickTick:To-Do List & Calendar
Appest Limited
Size251.8 MB
Available on the software store

4- Application BitWarden

We should all use a password manager, so that we can access our passwords quickly at any time, and also most importantly so that we can use different and difficult passwords for each site in order to increase our digital security, and our previous recommendation was the LastPass application, but it changed its policy recently to become paid if you want Use it on your computer and phone at the same time. So the completely free alternative is Bitwarden which is a great password manager app and you can transfer all your passwords from any other password manager quickly without having to retype them individually.

Bitwarden Password Manager
8bit Solutions LLC
Size172.2 MB
Available on the software store

5- Application Kitchen Stories

Believe me brother, you have to get out of your local kitchen and start trying cuisines from different countries, I tried it and it was a great experience! With the Kitchen Stories app, you can get recipes from different countries of the world in a beautifully designed app, and you can share your results, your recipes, and any recipes you want to share with the app's community.

Kitchen Stories: tasty recipes
AJNS New Media
Size60.2 MB
Available on the software store

6- Application Adobe Scan

Digital documents have become indispensable, and we often need to scan our documents. Adobe Scan became my go-to app after trying many similar apps. The application is excellent and easy to use and it creates high quality digital photos automatically.

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner & OCR
Adobe Inc.
Size150.7 MB
Available on the software store

7- game Threes! Freeplay

Threes! It's not new, but it's one of the best games ever! I bought it at the time of its release in the store and I did not regret this purchase, as it is wonderfully designed, easy to understand, and has one of the most amazing sound effects, and while searching, I found that there is a free version of it now! So what are you waiting for? Try it and tell me what you think.

Threes! Freeplay
I Serve LLC
Size98.3 MB
Available on the software store

Please don't just be thankful. Try the apps and tell us which one is better in the comments. Also, you should know that by downloading apps, you support the developers, so they produce better apps for you and your children and thus the app industry thrives.

* And do not forget this special application

BG Remover AI
$ 1.99
Size22.8 MB
Available on the software store

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