Suppose you have a simple question like “Is Maryam the sister of Aaron the Prophet?” This question came to your mind while you were reading the verse (Oh, sister of Aaron, your father was not a bad person and your mother was not a tyrant) [Maryam: Verse 28], how do you know the answer? In the past, before the Internet, you would open books of interpretation if you owned them, or go to a trusted scholar and ask your question. After the Internet, you will open Google and write your question, and the first thing that will appear to you is the Wikipedia site, and you will not find what you want, and then several sites, and you must search by yourself to make sure that these sites really answer the same question as yours, and make sure that the site is trustworthy, then you try to extract the information from Long article.

Now in the era of artificial intelligence, you can get an answer simply through the Ask the Quran application.

There are new technologies that have developed terribly in the past years, and the world is moving towards them strongly, and the most important of these technologies is artificial intelligence, which we will soon use in everything, and that is why we started, because we know that this technology is a natural development that will happen soon, and we must start as Muslims adopting Islam is a way of life. In adjusting this technology to suit our lives, we must start our research and development early so that we are not at the back of the knees.

The Ask the Quran application is a unique experiment that we worked on to understand artificial intelligence and set new boundaries for it that are compatible with true Islam. And the exploitation of this output in the benefit of the user.

Difference between Ask Quran and ChatGPT

Never compare the Ask Quran app to the ChatGPT AI bot. The difference is very large, and I do not imagine a sane person asking AI bots Islamic questions, and expecting a correct answer, most likely you will get an answer that was composed entirely by artificial intelligence. For example, the question we asked earlier.

The “Ask the Qur’an” application does not make artificial intelligence fatwas, but rather we use artificial intelligence to understand the question and extract key words from it, we search for sources of trust, and we exploit the capabilities of artificial intelligence in analyzing sentences, simplifying their meanings, summarizing and translating, and other language tools in which artificial intelligence excels. truly.

How does the Ask the Quran application work?

Islamic AI

After opening the application, put your question, an example of the question we mentioned at the beginning of the article, and press the submit button...

The first step is that the application understands your question in depth, and tries to correct your question from any errors. This takes a few seconds, then it searches the trusted sources for the closest question that has similarities with your question, then it understands these answers, summarizes the useful ones, and starts presenting the answer, based on sources.

Note that the Arabic language is not easy and the formation of sentences may be complex, and despite that, the answer is most of the time excellent, and even if there are errors in the source, artificial intelligence works to correct them and simplify the information for you.

If you click on the source button, you will find the keywords, on the basis of which the search was conducted, and it may differ from the question to provide the best answer during the search. In this question, the source is approved by the islamqa website, and by clicking on it, you will be able to see the answer on the site.

Note the difference between the answer of the source and the answer of the Ask the Qur’an application. The answer of the source, although it contains details, may need a specialist to understand it. The answer to Ask the Qur’an is more simple and clear and contains all the basic elements that you need to understand the answer in an uncomplicated manner, and therefore it is easy not to forget this answer in the future. .

The answer is from the Qur'an

The application is tasked with displaying verses from the Qur’an related to your question, and for this reason its name is Ask the Qur’an, and despite the development of the application to display a simplified answer from reliable sources, this answer only provides additional information until the search is completed in the Qur’an, when the “View search results from the Qur’an” button appears " click on it.

You will see the verses of the Qur’an that are related to a question with an indication of why these verses were chosen. You can press the play button to hear the verse, or press the book button to open the entire Qur’an to read the context from the Holy Qur’an.

One of the best features is the sharing of the verse with the explanation as an image, which has been configured to appear amazingly on social networking sites. Just hit the share button.

The picture shows you the question, a verse from the Qur’an, and a simple answer to your question, and you can share it online to spread knowledge among people.

Features of the Ask the Quran application

The Ask the Qur’an application has many features, and despite its simplicity, there are many advanced technologies that occur in the background of this attractive appearance, as an example of correcting the question before answering it. Collecting sources that contain an answer similar to yours, with the ability to choose the source before answering the question. The ability to search on Google, for those who want more resources. Support for most languages, so even if you ask in French, your question will be answered in the same language, and thus the application will be very useful for new Muslims.

But one of the most important features is the favorite that makes you collect all your favorite questions, in one wonderful place, and at any time you can refer to this question without the need for the Internet.

Note that in Favorites, the artificial intelligence draws an image indicating your question, so you will be able to reach this question faster, and Favorites are neat and attractive. However, your favorites are saved to your iCloud account and sync across all your devices.

Download the Ask the Quran application

Islamic AI

The Ask the Qur’an application gives you three free questions. Take advantage of these questions correctly. Do not try to test artificial intelligence or defeat it. We know that it is not better than a human. Do not ask questions of the same type … from the best Quran reciter in Kuwait (the application does not know anything about Persons and not current events), show me every command verb in the Qur’an (the application needs hours and an atomic device to show you such a result), how many letters are a thousand in the Qur’an, with each verse showing the letter “alif” (complex questions will not show you a result). The application is not intended for these types of questions, and not even Google will help you.

Simply, the Ask the Qur’an application is like a Google search engine, but it searches for trustworthy sources, and simplifies the result for you, while showing relevant Qur’anic verses, if any.

The application is not free, after the three questions you will have to subscribe only $ 2.5 per month if you subscribe annually. We wish the application would be free, but there is a huge cost that comes every time we communicate with the artificial intelligence servers, and the truth is that we do not want anyone to give us charity at this cost. If you find the application useful, subscribe and you will have contributed to the development of Islamic applications in this field. And if you can't, share the app with anyone you think the app will be useful to.

A good number of users used the “Ask the Qur’an” application, and it achieved very good results, thanks to God. If you know a site or organization that wants to cooperate with us to support its site through an artificial intelligence application that makes it easier for people to access Islamic information, tell them about the “Ask the Qur’an” application, and share this application among your friends.

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