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What's new in the Phone app and FaceTime in iOS 17

In the iOS 17 update, calling features have been significantly improved, with a focus on improving the Phone app and FaceTime. Users were able to customize the appearance of Caller ID during calls using the Phone app. These improvements take your calling experience to the next level.


Shortcuts in Spotlight search on iPhone, iPad, and iOS 17

In iOS 17, significant updates have been made to the App Shortcuts feature in the Spotlight search, which greatly enhances the user experience. In this article, we will learn how to use application shortcuts in Spotlight search, and this will help improve the search experience and quickly perform actions or go to specific sections of applications.


What's new in iPadOS 17

Apple announced at the developer conference a map of the updates and features coming to us this year in all operating systems, and one of the systems that got many advantages is iPadOS 17, learn about what’s new in the iPad operating system…


Recap of Apple's WWDC 2023 Developer Conference Hello, Vision Pro

A few hours ago, the Apple Developers Conference for 2023 ended, which is perhaps the largest and largest in the history of Apple, in which Apple revealed an update to all its systems, as well as a number of new devices, and the surprise was in the return of the saying “One More Thing” with the launch of the dazzling glasses, we will briefly discuss the most important revelations at the conference.


News on the margins for the week of April 21-27

A new feature in WhatsApp to save messages in chat, a new diary application coming from Apple, Amazon discontinued the Halo bracelet, outperforming the refurbished iPhone on all phones, new features for the lock screen in iOS 17, the end stage for mixed reality glasses, and other exciting news in an article On the sidelines…