A few hours ago, the Apple Developer Conference for 2023 ended, which is perhaps the largest and largest in the history of Apple, in which Apple revealed an update to all of its systems as well as a number of new devices. But it was a surprise to everyone how many advantages it has. Follow the article with us, and we will briefly discuss the most important revelations at the conference.

The conference began with Tim Cook, who welcomed the audience around the world, and congratulated the developers on the 15th anniversary of the launch of the software store. He said that this conference will be the largest in the history of Apple, and all systems will be updated, as well as the launch of new devices.

And start with the Mac.

MacBook Air

He started talking about the Mac and bragging about the performance of Apple's silicon processors, and how it enabled the company to develop exceptional devices, including a new device, which is the new generation of the MacBook Air, which comes in a size of 15 inches.

The device is only 11.5 mm thick, making it the thinnest in the world, with a 15.3-inch screen, ultra-thin edges of only 5 mm, 500nits brightness, and a weight of 3.3 pounds, or only 1.5 kilograms.

The device includes a MagSafe charging port, two Thunderbolt ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 1080p camera, 3 microphones, and 6 speakers. It comes in 4 colours. And of course it works with the latest Apple M2 processor.

The price of the new Mac starts at $1299, and it will be available for order from today, and it will be available in the market next week.

A collage of the features of the new Mac

mac studio

Apple has updated the Mac Studio to include the new M2 Max processor, which will make it 25% faster in performance than the previous generation.

Apple will provide the option of the M2 Ultra processor as well, which supports up to 24 cores and 76 graphics engines, and supports memory up to 192 GB. Yes, as I read, it supports memory, not storage capacity. 192 GB memory.

Collage of M2 Ultra features…

Apple said that the Ultra processor will provide 50% faster performance in video processing in Davinci Resolve and support for up to 6 screens from the new Apple XDR screens. With the ability to broadcast 22 videos in 8K quality.

A compilation picture of the new Mac Studio features...

Mac Studio price starts at $1999.

Mac Pro

Apple launched an upgraded version of the Mac Pro that works with the M2 Ultra processor and comes with 7 integrated Afterburner ports, as well as 6 fourth generation ports to be able to install your favorite cards, in addition to providing 8 Thunderbolt ports.

A picture of the most important features of the new Mac Pro...

Pro price starts at $6499.

Availability date…

IOS 17

A surprise at the beginning of talking about iOS 17, which is that Apple remembered that the iPhone is a phone, and decided to make a major update to the Phone communication program, starting with creating your own contact identity.

Where you can choose a picture for each person in a wonderful way that Apple called it a “poster”, so that you can display the person’s picture and even write his name in a distinctive way for each person separately.

live voicemail software; It converts the voicemail into text that appears in front of you immediately so that if the person says something of interest to you, you can immediately answer the call.

FaceTime now enables you to leave a video message as a mail for the person you are communicating with if they cannot reply to you.

The messaging program has updated the search, added filters to the search results, to facilitate access to what you are looking for, and added a message button that enables you to access the first message you did not read.

Finally, Apple added the drag-and-drop feature in iMessage. Apple added the feature of converting the voice messages that you receive into written messages to learn the content of the message without the need to listen to it.

Finally, a feature that enables you to see the person's location directly from within the chat application without having to exit it.

Apple added a feature called Check in that enables you to share a message with people close to you if you feel that you are abroad at an unusual time and worry; The feature enables you to choose the time of arrival and return home, and let it be 11 pm, then the iPhone will monitor your location, and if you reach home, it will inform others that you have already returned, and if you are late, it will give you the option of additional time; In the event that you do not respond, it will communicate with others, and inform them of your location so that they can reach you easily. Of course, this feature is important in an insecure country like America. But will it be useful in our country? Oh God, keep us safe.

Apple has improved the way to access programs and also added the feature of converting any Memoji into stickers that you can send in iMessage.

Apple has added a new feature to AirDrop that enables you to share your name and data with others under the Name Drop name.

Just touch your phone with others to easily transfer your name and sticker to them.

Apple also added a development feature to share media with others and even the list of music you listen to.

Apple has developed the keyboard and the auto-correction feature to recognize the way you write, with the addition of an option to return and amend the word you typed. The auto-complete feature has been developed to show you a guess in the text you are writing directly, and it is sufficient to press the spacebar to type auto-completion. There are many other improvements. It looks like there will be a number of AI features in iOS 17.

Apple has added a new program called the Journal, which collects your data from photos, your ability, music, podcasts, and exercises to do what looks like a newspaper for your day, reminding you of the main events. So, I did such and such exercises and so on.

Of course, all the advantages mentioned by Apple make it clear that they are encrypted and secured, and even Apple itself cannot view them.

A new feature called StandBy is a feature designed for MagSafe's stand

Where you can mount the phone and it shows you what looks like the waiting screen for Windows; You can customize it as you like.

Apple has removed Hey When calling Siri, she also said that you can assign a call to Siri, and you do not need to say Siri again.

Apple added the feature of downloading maps so that you can browse them without the Internet. Just like in Google Maps when you type the phrase Ok Maps in Google Maps search to download it.

A collage of iOS 17 features...

iPadOS 17

Apple has transferred a number of features that were exclusive to the iPhone, such as the home screen, where you can customize it just as you do on the iPhone in the current iOS 16.

The widget has become interactive, as you can directly click on the widget to perform functions without the need to open its application.

Apple added the ability to add Live Photos as a lock screen. Also, follow the various activities directly from the lock screen, such as food requests, match results, and others.

Apple recently transferred the health program to become available also in the iPad and not exclusively for the iPhone.

PDF files The way the iPad interacts with them has been completely developed, as the iPhone is able to recognize the field in which data is required to be entered and the ability to add your own signature and complete the required data.

In the Notes file, Apple added the ability to view and add the PDF inside any note, and you can, without leaving the file, view the file and its content, interact with it, and then return directly to Notes.

A picture of the most important features of iPadOS 17...

The new Mac OS

Apple named the new Mac system Sonoma, and added a number of clipboard screens to the system.

Apple has developed the widget for the Mac system so that it no longer appears only on the side, but you can move it to the screen of the device directly, so that it resembles the screen of the iPhone and iPad.

The great thing is that when you open any application, the widget will dim so that only the application you are dealing with will be visible and distinguished.

Apple added a list of your widgets, and the wonderful thing is that the Mac will recognize the widgets on the iPhone, so you can add them to the Mac as well.

Apple made it clear in a long paragraph that games were greatly developed on the Mac with the Metal 3 graphics library, and this year it added Game Mode, or game mode, so that the game prioritizes the processor so that it provides the game with the best performance. And Apple reviewed a lot of improvements in games.

Improvements in group video chats, where when you share the screen with others, you can also appear, whether in a small form or an enlarged image.

Apple has used artificial intelligence to recognize you and isolate you from the background around you so that you can be yourself on the background of your device screen.

Apple has added a number of interactions with others, and it also works by pointing, and it appears in cinematic quality, as Apple said.

The feature works on all group video chat programs such as FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and others.

Apple's Safari app has been greatly improved, such as improvements in privacy and protection from tracking, in a way that exceeds all previous improvements.

Apple added the ability to share the PassKey with friends so that everyone can add passwords to it.

Apple added the profile feature in the Safari browser, so that you can separate the work profile, for example, from the personal profile. This chapter differentiates between tabs, cookies, previous searches, and everything. Thus, you can enter the same site using two different accounts, one in the work profile and the other personal. without the need to log out and in; Just change the profile and everything will change.

There are a slew of new features in Safari and Mac OS X, but this is just a quick overview and this image shows you more.

home and acoustics

In the Apple AirPods Pro, you will update the voice recognition system around you and add the Adaptive Audio feature, or as an adaptive voice translation. This feature changes the way sound isolation interacts with your surroundings, so that there is no need to always run sound insulation if there is calm around you, but if there is severe noise, here the sound insulation is turned on at its maximum capacity.

The headphone will also recognize your favorite sound intensity, study the noise around you and change the sound intensity continuously to suit the noise and isolation so that you can listen to your favorite sounds with a semi-static sound intensity as well as the sounds around you.

Another additional feature of the headset is to recognize those around you; For example, you listen to any audio, then you meet a friend; Just talk, and when the speaker detects that you are talking to someone, it will reduce the volume of the music and allow the outside sound to reach you to hear what the other is saying to you.

There are also improvements in the playback of audios in the different Apple headphones, as the iPhone and the headset recognize your daily routine and offer to play the audios.

And Apple will add the ability to support hotels so that you can listen and AirPlay songs in the hotel’s speakers if it supports the Apple system.


TvOS 17

He also got some improvements, such as the ability to identify speakers, cameras, and all of your Apple system through the Control Center to the right of the screen.

Now you can use your iPhone to find the TV remote, you can choose some of your favorite memories and photos to become a screen saver for your Apple TV

FaceTime is supported on Apple TV where you can run the app on TV to broadcast the conversation from your iPhone or iPad.

And of course, because it's a TV, you can browse movies and content while you're on FaceTime and share them with others.

Compilation picture of the advantages of acoustics and home…

Apple Watch

As usual, Apple has reviewed several new faces for the watch as it does every year, and this year comes the face of the famous Snoopy.

The most important feature is the redesign of the display and design of the widget and its appearance on the screen from different faces.

Apple Watch now supports your bike's Bluetooth connection to accurately transmit speed and performance and provide data to help you improve your sport. There are improvements to several other sports such as golf.

A new feature that supports touring or Hiking.

It is a feature that monitors the telephone network, so if you go out for a walk in the open, lose the connection and want to make a call, the iPhone will guide you to the last point where there was a telephone network so that you can return and make the call.

Apple added an application called Mindfulness that is concerned with mental health as it monitors vital changes all the time, and if it monitors that at a specific time your heartbeat, pressure, breathing and other indicators increase, it will record this time, and you can later record what happened; To turn the application into a file that enables the psychiatrist to identify what affects mental health.

The second new app on the watch is called the Sight app; Apple said that myopia affects 30% of the world's population, and is expected to reach 50% by 2050.

She said that it usually occurs at an early age, so doctors recommend that children stay between 90-120 minutes in open outdoor places with daylight to improve their eyesight. Therefore, Apple developed this application, which monitors, by means of a light sensor, the duration of the light intensity around your child, in order to know how long they spend in an open, outdoor place, so that you yourself can learn about their visual health.

Another feature called Screen Distance, which when activated will prevent the child from viewing the iPhone or iPad from a close distance; When a child brings the screen closer to a destination, the device will recognize and stop displaying the content, and only show the screen when he pushes the screen to a safe distance.

A group photo of the features of the watch…

One more thing

One thing after (One More Thing), this phrase we are waiting for, the phrase that Steve Jobs said and every time he changed technology and the world and presented something amazing, years ago and we are waiting to hear this phrase again.

Finally, a new device was announced, a new category, that will change the world of technology, a huge step towards the Oasis world, and the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro. The device, which Apple calls computing, has arrived in the virtual world.


The operating system used is called visionOS by Apple, and it is the first operating system for the virtual world issued by Apple. This system can be controlled by eye, voice and touch. Your favorite apps live in front of you. Dimensions applications interact with ambient light and shadow.

Although this unique experience and interaction with applications and the system takes place inside the Vision Pro glasses, it will appear as if it is in front of you in real life. And you will see the people around you when they are in the same room.

Entertainment and games

You can enjoy seeing the entertainment on Vision Pro in your virtual world in XNUMXD and feel like you are inside the cinema and the sounds come around you. You can play your favorite games and communicate with your friends via FaceTime and other communication applications.


You can work anywhere with Vision Pro. Web pages come alive in a huge space in your virtual world and the text is clear and easy to read. You put multiple apps in front of you, have them floating around the visionOS interface, and the app windows are all around you at the same time. You can connect Apple Glass to your Mac, and use your device's screen in augmented reality.


Communicating via FaceTime is so much fun as if people are the real size around you in virtual reality. Apple glasses come with a XNUMXD Vision Pro camera for photography and video, a unique camera that makes you live any moment you capture with it as if you are inside it again.


The Vision Pro is beautiful and well-crafted, thanks to the glass that doubles as a lens. The frame that surrounds it lays flat on your face. The outer structure is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The device is designed in an adjustable way so that you can completely adjust it to suit you.

High-resolution screens are integrated, so that digital experiences become as real in the virtual space. To achieve this, Apple used micro-OLED technology to provide the best possible vision, there are more than 23 million pixels per eye.

Also, alien sound technology has been used to give more realism to all your experiences. The system is designed to be able to track head movement with such speed and accuracy, that the experiences appear to be happening in real time. The glasses are charged via USB-C and contain a high-performance battery, and you can also connect an additional battery, for a longer experience.

Apple's new Apple Vision Pro is the next generation of space computing that could fundamentally change the way we live. It is of high quality and realistic. And this is only the beginning. In the future, Apple will try to improve all the amazing features and technologies to make the next generation of space computing even more superior.

Price and availability

The price of the Apple Vision Pro glasses is $ 3499, which is certainly a great price, but it is clear that Apple added Pro to the name so that we know that this first experience will be more intended for business and professionals, and it is expected that we will see the year after next year a version at a lower price called Apple Vision for the average user At the present time, you should know that this product is not available to us, so do not bother if I tell you that it will not be available before the beginning of next year. But take care that this technology has gone public, and this means that the competition will become huge, and that these devices will spread and develop from now on. Combine this with the development of artificial intelligence, and we will have an amazing fantasy movie in which we are the heroes.

The Apple conference ended and this is the first conference in a long time in which we feel full, not only because of the release of a new terrible product from Apple, but all updates in all Apple systems are updates with many advantages, we will definitely be with you in the coming days, and let us enjoy this amazing news.

Note: Although Ben Sami became the supervisor of the site only, he writes this article, and it takes hours of effort. Thank you, Ben Sami.

What do you think of this year's conference? What do you like most and are excited about?

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