And the boycott has begun Software store Today, as we previously agreed in an article (Response to Apple for deleting the Third Intifada program). I know that the boycott is not at the liking of many of us, and I know that you are anxiously waiting for the article of the Seven Applications every Friday, but my dear brother one moment please: Three years ago and since the sale started in the software store, we have been buying programs, downloading them, and achieving gains for Apple and others, other than buying devices, support with love and appreciation, articles, information and explanations, and this support is all from millions of Muslims around the world, not just the Arab world. In the end, with a word from the Zionist entity, Apple deletes the program of the Third Intifada from the software store after it accepted it in the software store and saw that there is nothing in it, and then the Zionist entity in all media boasts that Apple responded to it and deleted the program and this was published by all global media outlets That that to Reuters.

Apple We Love You ♥! But you did not take into account our feelings in your decision, especially as you allowed the matter to be announced provocatively, as if we have not been supportive of you all these years, as if the Zionist entity is spending more than us buying your products! I don't think so, Apple. Look at the number of Muslims who support you around the world.

Apple, if you find that there is an error in the uprising program, you can of course delete it, this is your right, but this should not be done in response to the Zionists at our expense, even if you did not agree to the program from the beginning, we would understand your position, but the program has been approved and you know that it is just a news program and there is nothing in it except The facts, and if these facts are crimes, then welcome to our world, Apple, as we live in crimes, violations and injustices by the Zionists every day. Isn’t the least thing to present to humanity is to tell them the facts, or at least we gave us the opportunity to explain to the world what is being falsified? Let us remind the world that there is an occupied land and its people are oppressed, killed and displaced.

Apple, with all love for you and for all of the technology and tools that are useful and useful to us, We will boycott the software store from Friday 1 July to Friday 8 JulyWe will not download any program, whether free or paid, we will not enter the software store in the first place, and the purpose of this is not to cause you material losses. On the contrary, we may be affected by you more than you, but the purpose of the boycott is to announce our anger to your unfair position and perhaps in the future that will not be repeated, and perhaps as you are You care about your users, be interested in us as well, and you know that we are not small and that we are influential.

In the end, my brothers, if we do not cooperate together in achieving the goals of this boycott, do not blame anyone but yourself when the companies let you down and do not weigh you down and do not blame you except yourself when you are at the end of the knee. To join it according to everyone's desire and adhere to the opinion of the group and to show our unity. The boycott is not our only position, otherwise this is negative. Boycott is only a message that we will not be silent on any small or large, but there are other steps. We talked about it earlier The most important thing is that we ...

  • We will create a program that defines Palestine and the history of Palestine and its importance, provided that the program is elegant and attractive and has new ideas that encourage Arabs and non-Arabs to learn about the history of Palestine and the Zionist entity's falsification of facts, and we will avoid placing what offends in the program for any party and we will avoid placing any invitation for anything, only an introductory program. So that the West knows and reminds them that there is an occupied country and its people oppressive and oppressive. The program will be freely available in several languages.

Praise be to God, we have achieved everything we agreed upon, and in the end I would like to stress that we have full respect for Apple as a creative company and all technology companies, whether they are Arab, but we only want this respect to be mutual between us and not from one side.

I ask everyone to publish this article and this banner, and urge all those you know to boycott the software store from today until next Friday, corresponding to July 8, and we ask everyone to adhere to this boycott and not to enter the software store and download any program, whether for free or with money, so that Apple counts our number And our influence on the software store, so if you decide to sell us and do not participate with us, at least let your use of the software store only in a narrow space.

We ask our brothers, the owners of the websites, to support us in this boycott and not to do articles about the software store and urge users to boycott, and if this disrupts your interests, then look at us and see the number of our programs in the software store and our company’s reliance on this in the company’s affairs, but there is nothing wrong with our interests being slightly disrupted. For our dignity and in order to have an influence in our world, we are not like sheep.

I spread this boycott through social networks and via Facebook, so the more boycotters, the greater the impact of our campaign, and perhaps Apple and other companies will make a thousand accounts for us in their next decisions.

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