The technology circles globally circulate the news that the American technology giant "Apple" has bought Anobit, a company specialized in the field of Flash Memory, with the size of a deal valued at between 400 and 500 million dollars, making it the largest acquisition by Apple. The Israeli Prime Minister personally welcomed Apple to Israel. The news is over ...

This news is circulating internationally, and which many Arab websites avoid mentioning or are content with just translating the news without any discussion, as if Israel is a sister Arab country. But we at iPhone Islam decided to discuss this news, why? ... Read on to find out.

I know very well the feeling that all readers are feeling now because it is the same feeling I felt when I read the news. Also, it came to my mind that we must boycott Apple, as we do with every company that angers us, and as we did with Apple itself before. But by asking myself where is the error? Why do I always hear the name of the State of Zion in everything? Why when new technologies, popular programs, cures, or research are mentioned, or ... do I hear the name of Israel? Why, Apple? The companies that can be acquired fill the world. Why Israel? But a moment? Are there other large companies investing in Israel?

I found that the other giant (Microsoft) has a branch in Israel. And the fourth largest software company in the world, SAP, which has a branch in Israel. Cisco is the first in the world in the field of networking equipment. And the development laboratories of IBM, the global leader in the computer industry. Motorola also has a huge branch in Israel. Zend, the company that developed the PHP language, which is used in most locations, is also headquartered in Israel. There is a company that ranks among the top 10 companies in Israel, and it has been operating there since 1974, and the Israeli government offered it in July 2011 to support them with $ 290 million in exchange for expanding its business and employing 1500 Israelis. This company is Intel, the processor giant. We only mentioned technology companies known to you, but the list is large ...

Why all this development in a country that occupied our land a few years ago, why? Is it money? Perhaps, but I think that some Arab countries have more money than all of Europe. Is it human beings and their number? One village in some Arab countries has more than all of the world's Jews.

I know that companies have no debt or loyalty, but all companies think about profit and progress. Apple is thinking of investing 500 million dollars in a leading factory in flash technology and expects to win 100 million dollars annually, even if it finds that it is investing the same amount in Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Or the UAE will achieve an annual profit of 50 million dollars in these countries. Of course, it will go to these countries. In order not to speak without facts, there is an example from the reality of a company like Sony when it found that its profits increased from its stores in Jebel Ali in Dubai and doubled, it automatically expanded the stores until it became one of the largest Sony stores around the world, but is there another very important reason to attract these companies to countries Of course, let's look at this picture:

As soon as the news of Apple's purchase of an Israeli company appeared, the Israeli Prime Minister issued a formal welcome to Apple in Israel, but let us focus on two parts. Apple’s news that it will profit from the fruits of Israeli knowledge, and this is what Israel relies on, which is that it has a tremendous educational power. And a simple example of that. Look at someone Wikipedia World University Rankings Does anyone see an Arab university? Well, how is it going for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem? It was ranked 94 in 2003, then it became 52 in 2010, and he noted that the 51st university is Zurich, meaning that education in Israel is competing with Switzerland. Did you know that many of the technologies that you use on a daily basis were invented and developed by Israeli companies? Do you believe this rapid development and do you think that companies such as Apple, Intel, or others will sacrifice this progress! Where is this progress in our Arab countries? Where are Arab education and Arab universities?


We in the iPhone are Islam, as is the case for every Arab who is in the height of anger that companies we love put their hands in the hands of a usurper entity whose crimes are known to the whole world. But this emotion does not work, and anger will not benefit. We have shown the superiority of the Zionist entity on us, and this is not a defect. This is a reality and whoever does not accept it will remain in his dreams and will not wake up, otherwise ignorance of his home and his family will weaken more than what is weak. After we put the facts before us, we must study the causes of our weakness and how to get out of our prolonged slumber, for we were at the summit before, and the countries of the world were seeking knowledge and glory from and now, unfortunately, the situation has changed. As I explained above with Intel or its welcoming Apple, in addition to this government support, there is also technical excellence and interest in education, and there is a very important thing which is propaganda. The news spread widely on the Internet and I got official support from the government there, even if I went to the free information encyclopedia, which is Wikipedia. You will find Israel interested in the show All operating companies In this country, you will find a large list that includes hundreds of companies, while if you see its counterpart in Saudi Arabia, it includes about 25 companies, and Egypt includes 50 companies.

رسالة To all Arab youth, does he not change? Don't you feel you have to change? Isn't it time for there to be a hard-working and loyal Arab youth researcher and inventor? Is it not time to replace the Star Academy with stars of science? Isn't it time for you to start, stop screaming, and work hard? Are you not involved in research, doing an invention, or learning something new? No time to believe me to recklessness no time to believe me.

We hope you will share with us, why do the West and the East surpass us? What is the solution to get back at the top once again as we were previously pioneers in all fields?
Source | 9to5Mac

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