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Bin Sami


WWDC 2022 summary

The Apple Developer Conference 2022 has ended, and iOS 16, the Mac system, the new M2 processor, and new computers were revealed; Find out what was revealed at the Apple conference


Summary of the Apple conference in March 2022

The Apple conference for the month of March 2022 ended, in which Apple revealed the new generation of the iPhone SE, the fifth version of the iPad Air, the M1 Ultra processor, the Mac Studio computer, and other new products.


Apple announces a new conference on October 18

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Apple announced a short while ago the date of an upcoming conference in a week, specifically Monday, October 18 at XNUMX am Pacific time. The conference will be held, as usual, in the Steve Jobs Hall at…


News on the sidelines week 5-12 August

New devices from Samsung, the introduction of a software store bill, WhatsApp will transfer conversations between your devices, Foxconn will build a car factory in America, and other exciting news in the fringes…


News on the sidelines week 15-22 July

Microsoft launches Windows 365, Apple donates to fight the floods in Europe and China, two Max phones in 2022, and Apple shares the US market with Android, an all-new iPad mini coming soon, and a MacBook Pro with a Mini-LED screen and news …


WWDC 2021 summary

The Apple WWDC 2021 conference ended, as expected, with the unveiling of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, the Mac system update, many privacy advantages, the unveiling of the Cloud Plus feature, and updates in…


Apple releases iOS 14.6 update

Apple launched iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 hours before the iPhone and iPad. The update, although it carries a main number i.e. 14.6, not 14.5.2, but it did not come with a large number of advantages, as ...