We heard a while ago about the news of the Galaxy S4 explosion in Hong Kong, where someone in his home was living his normal life and playing his favorite game. Without any introduction, flames started coming out from between the parts of the phone, and from the horror of the shock this person threw his phone on the sofa opposite him, and soon the sofa caught fire, and the fire began to devour the house completely. Fortunately, this person and his wife were able to escape from the house, before they were consumed by the fire, although they were lightly injured, while the firefighting forces took about 30 minutes to extinguish them. We also heard that the latest Apple phone, iPhone 5, caused the death of a Chinese girl after he was shocked by a fatal electrical charge that killed her while she was putting it on the charger. Some news agencies reported that a Chinese man was also shocked by the iPhone 4 while charging and entered a long coma. This news and other things enter our hearts with horror towards our phones and make us stand seriously and ask ourselves, why do the phones explode? Have you turned into bombs in our hands? Is it possible for my phone to explode now?

Use an original battery:

Samsung was informed after investigating the Galaxy S4 explosion and after examining the phone that the battery used was not original, meaning that it was not produced in Samsung factories or from a company licensed to produce accessories for Samsung phones. It is worth noting that iPhone users are far from falling into such a problem because, as we know, no person can change his iPhone battery whenever he wants. But iPhone users must warn their friends and colleagues who have phones of any type capable of changing the battery from falling into this error that may cause death, house fire, or at the very least the destruction of the phone.

Use an original charger:

At this point, iPhone users are in danger, as Apple has confirmed that the Chinese girl was using a non-original charger. Despite the similarities between the original product and others, there is a big difference in the safety and quality standards of the product. That fake charger was the cause of the death of a human. I can tell you that if you use a non-original charger, you are more likely to be electrocuted than you put your iPhone in water and then connect it to electricity via an original charger. Yes, of course, we hate to pay more than $ 30 for a charger while another is available that performs the same function exactly at $ 5, and there are even those who sell counterfeit chargers in China at a price less than $ 0.50, but if you pay this price for my safety and to preserve my life It certainly has no value.

Even when we move away from talking about explosions, there are also downsides to the non-original charger, as according to security researchers, some hackers can use some types of chargers to penetrate iOS devices, because they discovered a way to pay a malicious application by using an unofficial modified charger. It is worth noting that Apple was able to get rid of this loophole in iOS 7, but we still have to be careful, because hackers are not sleepers.

Apple also, through its official page in China, sent a warning to its customers there that they must use the original chargers with any of its products. And maybe now your head is: How do I differentiate between the original charger and the fake charger? Do not worry, dear reader, we are here to show you the ways in which you will be able to differentiate between the original charger and the fake charger.

The recommended and surest way to purchase an original charger is to purchase from a trusted store in your country. If you do not know a reliable store near your location, you can buy online from the Apple website. If you are stranded and there is no reliable store available near you, and there is no money for you in the banks, the last way that will tire you a little is to buy from any store. In which these things must be taken into account:

  1. That the price of the charger is reasonable and close to the normal price for Apple chargers, which is approximately $ 30, and remember that these pennies for your life are worthless.
  2. That you buy from a store dedicated to phone accessories and do not buy from any small luxury store.
  3. You can compare the charger that you purchased with the charger that came with the iPhone, and if you see any difference, even if it was not radical, do not hesitate to return it to the store.
  4. You should know that in iOS 7 - when it is officially released - there will be a feature that will automatically alert you when an unoriginal charger is connected.

last word:

Incidents of phone combustion or exploding are considered rare and count on the fingers, or perhaps up to dozens only in a world where more than a billion and a half billion phones are sold annually, but the risk is that these accidents, even if they are very rare, are fatal. But on the other hand, the danger of non-original or poor imitation luxuries is great, as there are thousands of devices that break down and corrupt their battery every month due to excessive electricity from the charger, so you have to look for the best for it, and it is illogical to pay $ 700 in a device and risk losing it and possibly losing your life for $ 20 for example.

In the end, dear reader, have you ever been harmed by non-original products, whether from chargers or batteries? Share your comment.

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