When I bought the iPhone 6 and saw its large size compared to the iPhone 5s, I realized that it would not be suitable if I use it without a protector that preserves it, and indeed upon the first fall I decided to dispense with an important rule that I had followed since the first iPhone purchase, which is that the iPhone looks great and I should not hide This beauty is here to stay. But with the iPhone 6, I prefer to carry a healthy iPhone than with a beautiful but broken iPhone.


Since I consider myself a non-traditional person, I decided to look for a non-traditional condom and I would like you to help choose the best condom for me, so I will present them to you now.

Protective Ninja


This is how I called him :) Although it is called a tricks guard, but I think when I hold it, I will feel that I am a ninja and this is my sword. See this video To understand what I mean. Buy it here

Edge protector


Almost this is what I am looking for a hidden protector that protects the device and at the same time I do not feel it and I can feel my iPhone while I hold it, simple and cute, but I think it may make the shape of the iPhone A little strange. And theBuy here.

Elegance visor


This condom is the most beautiful thing I have seen, whether in design or weirdness and creativity, and it is also very practical. This is the condom that I dreamed of, but unfortunately (sweet mikmalish) its price is very high a hundred dollars and maybe more and it will also be shipped in September 2015. It is still a project in Kickstarter And you can find out More about him here.

Notch guard


Perhaps this is one of the The most beautiful ounce of iPhone 6 And it comes in gold, silver or black colors. This guard was handcrafted in Japan with high craftsmanship and a light weight of 37 grams of very special aluminum that is used in the aircraft industry. It has been shaped to make the iPhone like a piece of art. You might think I finally got the right condom, but let me shock you. The price of this condom 2000 $. Yes, the condom only without a phone :) It is not of pure gold or any precious metal, and it also affects the quality of the connection because it is entirely of metal.

Remember we're talking about the weirdest ounce of iPhone, not the best one, which condom do you like? I want your opinion in the comments, have you seen a special ounce that I can buy?

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