Most of us remember when the first iPhone was released and how companies were mocking the iPhone, which did not carry buttons and comes with a large touch screen and its price is unprecedentedly high.

This is Steve Palmer The CEO of Microsoft in this era, and he is one of those who publicly mocked Apple and the iPhone device, and after several months we saw the companies' struggle to catch up with Apple and imitate it and produce phones that work with the same thought, and everyone who refused to develop or could not, ended up like Nokia and the department Phones at Microsoft, Palm, and many more.

Has anything changed?

You may think that companies are more aware now and that they have learned the lesson, and will not make fun of new and unfamiliar technologies again, but no ... This always happens and to this day, and here is a recent example ... When Apple released the face print technology, many companies mocked it, and there is a company in particular. This sarcasm clearly announced it is a company هواوي... And she made advertisements for her new phone, using the face print technology.

And Huawei told in several statements that it is a failed technology, slow and unconvincing for the user.

You might think that after this mockery, companies will avoid the face print, the animation, and any technology related to depth sensors ... No, most companies are now working on a competitor for this technology, and the strange thing is that Huawei itself, after less than a month, announces its competing product for the face print. Is this not strange?

Huawei revealed to us that it is in turn working on a 300D camera to sense the depth, and it says that this camera draws a virtual three-dimensional map of the face using 30 thousand virtual points (Apple's sensor only draws XNUMX thousand points) and this technology will be used to unlock the phone and secure financial transactions As well as enhancing the capabilities of augmented reality applications, and enhancing the capabilities of the phone.

Not only that, but Huawei will also provide a version of the anime, and it boasts that it is more advanced as it can recognize more muscles in the face and recognize the movement of the tongue.

This technology may be ready by the time the Huawei P11 is released, but so far Huawei is only reserving its place on the train to catch up with Apple.

We are happy with the achievement of Huawei and the achievements of other companies, and we wish them to catch up with Apple and provide better devices and technologies, and if it were not for the competition, the technology would not have progressed so quickly, but the irony that precedes the imitation has become exaggerated and we all know the result, you will mock me and then imitate me.


What do you think, is this embarrassing for companies that mock Apple and then imitate it, or is it no embarrassment in the business world? And if technologies from other companies emerge that surpass Apple's technologies, will they replace their devices?

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