We continue with you on a weekly basis to present our picks and offers for the best applications, according to the choices of the editors of iPhone Islam. So that it represents a complete guide that saves you effort and time in searching between piles of more than 1,555,197 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Yamsafer


The Yamsafer application is a hotel and hotel apartment reservation application for various tourist destinations around the world, the application provides a guarantee of the lowest price available to each user with the advantage of exclusive offers not available in other applications. What made us put this application at the forefront of our options is that Yamsafer has announced a coupon for early hotel reservations for the holy month of Ramadan and its value 35 $ They are added to the user's account directly in the app as soon as the coupon is activated and can be used to obtain a lower price when booking a stay via Yamsafer in addition to the discounted prices available within the app.

Tell your friends about this offer. Coupon code is: Gift35

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

2- Application I pray

Useful Arabic applications for children are few, and this application is one of the few applications that must be on your device or iPad for children, with the application the child will automatically learn the required prayer times and their arrangement, as well as the number of rak'ahs for each prayer, and by using the application the child will memorize Surat Al-Fatiha And some short chapters of the chapters and the supplication of initiation and all the supplications that the Muslim child relies on in his prayer.

i'm original iPray

3 - Application Brave Browser

Information security experts advise using this browser as an alternative to Safari, as the spread of the Facebook scandal and obtaining millions of data from users, everyone has become skeptical and in need to maintain its privacy even from the largest companies, this browser not only provides protection means, but also fast, blocks ads and saves energy use .

‎Brave Private Web Browser, VPN

4- Application Werble

A terrible photo effects application, I personally enjoyed it a lot, as it adds life to images in a sophisticated way and in artistic creativity, not like most effects applications that distort images. This application contains a large group of effects that can be combined together to produce a painting, of course you must have an artistic sense or it is possible to draw inspiration from the photo gallery that is actually present with the application. Then you can export the image as a video or an animated GIF.

‎Werble: Photo & Video Animator

5- Application Fake Call More

The Fake Call application or the fake call may save you from some situations and I liked this application in particular because it is very realistic as if you had an emergency call and you must leave and the one next to you can hear the voice of the caller talking with you so that the matter is more realistic, and in order to do this, make a friend of yours record a message such as “Hey, brother… I need you to come immediately (Scott), yes it is urgent.” And you on the other side will reply “What is the problem (Scott), I will come immediately” :) Haha. Only use it when the person you're sitting with is so boring or you're in a position that you can't get out of an embarrassing situation.

Fake Call-Prank Caller ID Apps

6- Application VisualCode

After iOS 11 supported QR codes, and now through the camera application, recognizing these codes and using them is easy, there remains a problem which is making these codes, and this application is the best application I used to do this task to the fullest, so through this application you can create QR codes For almost everything like contacts, internet galleries, Wi-Fi passwords, yes, the Wi-Fi password can be recorded on a QR code, so that the visitor who uses your Wi-Fi network does not know it. The application also supports Siri and can display the contact code for you immediately.


7- game 3D Sniper

I recently got addicted to this game, and the reason is the successive missions that increase in difficulty each time and at the same time enjoyable, you start the game as a trained sniper and then the missions continue until you become a professional sniper. The game is well made, which is why it is among the ten most downloaded games in the action games section.

Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games

* Don't forget this featured app

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

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