We continue with you on a weekly basis to present our picks and offers for the best applications, according to the choices of the editors of iPhone Islam. So that it represents a complete guide that saves you effort and time in searching between piles of more than 1,542,717 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Discord

We know that chat applications are many, and we know that most of us use one and two applications, but this application is different, it is a chat application that creates a special server for each group, and it is one of the safe chat applications and has many options, including really very advanced options for customizing everything in the group even forbidden words And unwanted member behavior. It is also possible to create audio groups so that everyone talks to each other. This application was originally designed for game lovers, but it is definitely suitable for any user and his friends who are interested in creating professional groups.

Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout

2- game Challenge race

Zad Company Known for its Islamic applications Distinctive, and this game is no less distinct from the rest of its applications, as it is a game in which you challenge your friends and family about your Islamic knowledge. These types of games are very wonderful in family occasions, and I personally love these games in the car as we play them together, benefit from the information and enjoy our time.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

3 - Application vlog

Video editing applications on iPhone and iPad have become so advanced and easy that despite my strong knowledge of professional video editing applications on the computer, sometimes working on iPhone applications for video editing is simpler and easier, as an example of this wonderful application that I used to edit a number of videos and the result was Especially great if you want to add text effects to the video. The most distinctive feature of it is its ease and magnificence of the application interface, which enables you to create a professional video with the utmost simplicity.

‎Vlogit - Video Editor

4- Application Pixel Art

An application to make pixel art photo effects, which is a well-known art used in many games even modern, this application makes the images as if they were produced on old computers. Personally, I used this app to make my Facebook profile picture special and used the video feature that adds animation effects to the photo.

Pixel Art Camera

5- Application AR Remote Car

Sure, it feels great to have a luxury car, but the eye is insightful and the hand is short :) But with augmented reality, you can experience this feeling and get a luxury car with its real size and see it in front of you, and even check it from the inside, and you can also drive this car and play with it however you like.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

6- Application PlayerXtreme

One of the best video playback applications on the software store and it supports a large number of extensions and supports high-quality video playback and files attached to your e-mail. You can transfer video to it via USB, and you can download video from computers connected to the same network. A very good app especially that it supports subtitles and downloads online.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

7- game Happy Racing

The game is a beautiful mess, and is extremely fun, as the characters follow the rules of physics, fall, and are affected by the environment around them, all in a multiplayer racing template. Diversity in characters and vehicles is the secret of the fun in this game, as each role is different and the competition is also fierce.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

* Don't forget this featured app

‎Arabic TTS - Speak

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