Apple launched the third beta version of iOS 13 for developers, which gave them the opportunity to see the latest changes and developments made by Apple before the new system arrives for regular users later this year, and the updates that Apple made in the third trial version are simple. Relatively speaking, but it works to enhance and improve the user experience and facilitate access to some of the functions and other features of the system, and let us know the most important of them.

The Home app

Apple's home app aims to allow the user to control his smart home through his iPhone device, and this gives him the ability to control many things at home, including the camera, which when trying to activate its secure recording feature will show you a popup that lets you know if it is Your camera supports this feature or not.

FaceTime Attention Correction feature

ios 13

When you make a video call via FaceTime to talk to others, you will feel that the other party is not looking at you, but you find their eyes as if they are looking down and vice versa you are the other, and the reason for this is because the two parties to the conversation are looking at the person on the iPhone screen instead of looking at the front camera. The FaceTime Attention Correction feature comes, which will make your eyes appear in a way that they are looking at the camera rather than in the middle of the screen to improve visual communication on FaceTime.

Data transmission via cables

ios 13

After the launch of the third beta version of the Ios 13 system, some new codes and updates were noticed, which were changed from what was in the second beta version, and those changes indicate, according to 9to5mac, that Apple may work on a new method through which users can transfer different files very quickly between two devices, provided they are available A connected cable between them and until now, no one knows whether this new method is ready or not, and whether it will work through the company's Lightning connection or through another type of cable.

Find My app

ios 13

After installing the third beta version of iOS 13, and when you open the Find My app on your iPhone, you will find a new tab named "Me" that allows you to view your current location.

Apple Arcade Service

Apple had announced its new service for games, Apple Arcade, which received some updates in the new operating system, and upon accessing the service through the Apple App Store, you will notice a new teaser video that sheds light on what the service will provide during the coming period, and the tab for the games service has become More prominent and includes a new start screen.



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