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The iPhone may be one of the most valuable devices you have and the most close to you, as the iPhone shares a large part of your daily routine, whether you are at home, outside, or at work. However, this extensive use of the device makes it vulnerable to scratches or accidental shocks, such as being accidentally dropped from your hand, or its screen being scratched by the keys in your pocket, although Apple reports claim that the iPhone 11 screen is the most resistant type of screen to scratches. However, using a suitable screen protector and case is one of the most important recommendations to protect the device from these accidental accidents. However, if the screen of your iPhone suffers from a scratch, there are a number of tricks that are good to share with you.These tricks work to remove minor scratches from the screen of the device, using materials and tools already in your home. But in any case, if you try any of these tricks, you should try them with some care, as misuse of these materials may harm your phone instead of fixing it. Therefore, it should be noted.

IPhone scratches


Screen scratches are cavities that affect the screen by a sharp tool, and toothpaste is an effective substance to fill in these cavities and scratches. It is preferable to use a cotton ball to apply toothpaste to the scratches. To remove excess toothpaste, it is preferable to use rubbing alcohol or plain water.

Car scratch removal paste

Car Scratch Removal Cream

You can choose a good type of car scratch removal paste to remove the scratches on your iPhone. A small amount of that paste is sufficient to remove a lot of scars and scratches in your device, and put some of the scratch removal paste on a soft cloth and wipe gently on the areas of the scratches with the iPhone.

Magic Eraser

Magic erasers

The Magic Eraser Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a great versatile sponge that can remove a lot of stains and dyes from surfaces, but one of its effective uses is to remove scratches.

A small piece of it is used directly on the scratch to be removed, but you should do this gently so that using it violently does not lead to more scratches.

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking Soda

It is a material familiar to housewives and is used a lot in preparing baked goods. It has other uses, including the treatment of scratches on the screens of devices, including the iPhone.

 Mix sodium bicarbonate with water in a ratio of 2 bicarbonate to 1 water, and apply the mixture directly to the scratch, and deal with it gently to get the best result.

baby powder

How to remove simple iPhone scratches with household materials?

As I have read, baby powder can help get rid of scratches by adding water to baby powder to form a paste, capable of treating your iPhone screen scratches, but you should not use a large amount of it.

Remember, all of the above methods remove minor, not sunken or large scratches. In the event of a deep break or scratch, the solution is to change the glass.

Have you tried one of the methods we mentioned to remove scratches from the iPhone, tell us your experience in the comments



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