All the application options this week are great, but you should download the first two applications, then download the application we call "Instagram" ball and then download all the other applications. The options for the best apps of the week according to the editors ’choice of iPhone Islam represent a complete guide that saves you effort and time in searching among piles of more than 1,757,403 Application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Translate Scanner translator

An application developed to improve your business and your needs in translation, university translation and other matters that you want to rely on a live translator or reliable dictionary in its translation. For example, you can translate directly from signs or from papers live translation, without the need to transmit this speech to your phone, and it is wonderful that it strongly supports the Arabic language. Almost all languages ​​are supported. It also identifies things around you in augmented reality and tells you its name in the language of your choice, try this application. You can try it free subscription for 3 days and no amounts will be deducted during the trial subscription period.

Translate Snap Scan Translator

2- Application Fin- Track your budget and expenses

Application of budget and expenses, and one of its most important features is privacy, the application does not share your data and remains on your device, and this you must confirm it before downloading applications such as this, also the application makes you achieve your financial goals by adding your transactions and analyzing them. It is characterized by its easy setup - without login - without an internet connection.

  • Modern and elegant design
  • Complete the settings to reach your budget goal
  • Track and categorize income and expenses
  •  Attach photos and websites
  • Make transactions recurring
  • Interactive charts for in-depth analysis
  • Illustrative maps
  • Strong transaction history
  • Fast search and filtering of transactions
  • Customized weekly reminder notifications and reports
  • Today's expense tool
  • Data export and safe sync to iCloud
Fin - Budget Tracker

3- Application DUGOUT

One of the best football applications in the software store, I call “Instagram” Ball because of the similarity of its interface to the Instagram interface. The application provides you with the latest football news and exclusives. Personally, I am not interested in football, but I downloaded it to one of my friends and he liked the application very much due to its rapid transmission of the latest news from the world of football and players, for sure if you are interested in the world of football, you will like this application.

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

4- Application Bluetooth Inspector

This application converts your device into a Bluetooth radar. The application will detect all the bluetooth devices that your device picks up and show detailed information about each device its type, name, range and frequency of the device to know the distance of the device from you and if the device is registered with your iCloud account, you can know other things such as battery percentage the device. An application every professional must have.

Bluetooth Inspector

5- Application Read

An application for designing websites easily using artificial intelligence. The application puts several steps for you to facilitate the construction of your first site, you must first describe the type of site you want. Then the application will ask you several questions to understand the type of services you want from the site to provide after that the application will design A site with a beautiful interface based on your specifications and you can change that if you do not like the design, or you can manually modify the site. The application is unique in that it makes a unique opportunity for everyone to get a unique site without effort and in a minute.

Leia AI

6- ApowerMirror

A useful application to display the screen of your device on the TV or computer or vice versa, such as accessing your computer via your phone. The application allows you to broadcast any content you want from your device to any screen you want or projector after you download the application on your phone, TV or computer. You can also convert your phone into a blackboard and drawing On it and display the drawings on the TV screen, or you can turn your phone into a remote control to control PowerPoint presentations with a projector, for example.

ApowerMirror- Screen Mirroring

7- Application Microsoft News

Apple's news app is not available in Arab countries (and some cannot Subscribe to sync Despite the price of its simple subscription), but if you want, the Microsoft application provides a similar experience to the Apple application in terms of the way it works and perhaps the interface. The application also provides you with an interface with a summary of daily global news from several famous newspapers. You can choose what you want from them or delete what you want.

Microsoft Start

Please don't just thank. Try the applications and tell us which one is better in the comments. Also, you should know that by downloading the applications you support the developers, thus they produce better applications for you and your children and thus the application industry will thrive and there will be strong development companies.

* And do not forget this special application

This app is no longer available on the App Store. :-(

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We are very tired to come to you with these applications and try each of them and make sure that it is a suitable application for you or for others. Please share the article and help us reach a greater number of readers.

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