After Facebook's algorithms were widely employed to support the Zionist occupation and prevent the emergence of supportive and pro-Palestinian content, a fierce campaign began on the social network Facebook with the aim of providing negative reviews and one-star ratings in software stores. Some said that this matter does not matter to Facebook and will not actually harm it, and the site will not see this campaign and will not occupy its mind with it. But the day before yesterday, something confirmed that Facebook was very angry at these reviews, which some say are meaningless. What happened?

Apple refuses to remove negative Facebook reviews for Palestine

The Palestinian cause

Activists supporting the Palestinian cause launched an extensive campaign on the social network Facebook, which led to the decline of the Facebook application in the Apple and Google stores, and that campaign came to protest against Facebook's alleged censorship of Palestinian accounts on its platform and its support for the Zionist position by removing posts and content supporting the cause, and the sentence serves to direct People rate Facebook with one star and negative reviews so that it ranks low and affects the app store.

According to NBC News, the social network is treating the situation as a high-priority issue internally, and one software engineer wrote in a post on an internal Facebook message board that "users are upset with the way we handled the situation and that they started protesting by leaving one-star ratings for the app." .

And Facebook tried to fix the matter by asking Apple and Gul to delete the negative ratings and reviews on the application in their store, under the pretext that these reviews are politicized and do not actually express the efficiency of the application, but Apple refused the order and did not respond to the request of the social network, while Google is still not responding.

The Facebook rating was subjected to a significant decline, as it reached 2.3 stars in the American store, 1.2 stars in the Egyptian, 1.5 stars in the Saudi and Emirati, and 1.9 in the British. Indeed, the Arabs of the occupied interior, "Arabs in Israel", were able to reduce the rating in the "Israeli" store to 1.3 less than most Arab stores. In Google, a rating and evaluation of all countries are put together, and the rating at the moment of reviewing the article reaches 2.4 stars. The majority of recent reviews have been a single star.

Facebook responded

A Facebook spokesperson said that the company does not censor its users, but applies its policies equally, regardless of who publishes or their personal beliefs, and the spokesman added that the company has a specialized team that includes Arabic and Hebrew speakers, and they monitor the situation closely, and focus on making sure Removing harmful content, with any errors addressed quickly.

Finally, Facebook is not the only one who supports the Zionist occupation at the expense of the Palestinian cause, there are also other networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and others that monitor Palestinian voices and delete posts and accounts supporting the cause. The non-profit organization Access Now has documented many examples where many accounts supporting Palestine have been restricted. Like the account of writer Maryam Barghouti, while Instagram has restricted the hashtag that refers to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the clashes that occur between the Zionist entity and Palestinian worshipers earlier this month.

What do you think of Apple's refusal to request Facebook? And did you participate in the negative reviews campaign, especially after knowing that your rating is actually bothering Facebook? Let us know in the comments



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