After the applications became many and similar, it became difficult to find a distinct application, and despite this every period very useful and enjoyable applications appear that you cannot do without them. An example of these applications is the “Quranic Hymns” application, this application is so well-made that specialists like us marvel that Made by one person, we know that its development has lasted for more than a year, yet it is an app in which the attention has been paid to surprisingly fine detail, and an app from our point of view that is essential to be on each of us’s device. Learn with us on the application of Quran hymns.

Features of the Quran chants application

The most important feature of any application is to focus on the main task, the Quran chant application, its mission is that you enjoy the Quran with the reciter's voice that you prefer, and this is exactly what the application does.

In the interface of the application you will find the surahs of the Qur’an in front of you and very easily you can access any surah, and add the surahs to your favorites if you want so that you are in front of you at the top of the list, and you can also download the surahs on your device or listen through the Internet. And all this easily from a very organized interface.

Click on the reciter's picture to choose which reader you want and any novel as well, and you can filter the results according to the novel.

Nice app

There is no doubt that the Quran chants application is a beautiful application, the interface is very comfortable, and you can also customize the colors, even the application icon can be changed.

Compatible with all devices

The Quran Hymns application was developed using the latest language from Apple, which is SwiftUI. This is so that it is compatible with all Apple devices and works smoothly and exploits the capabilities of these devices. The application works on the iPad beautifully and takes advantage of the size of the iPad screen as well.

This is one of the few applications that works on the CarPlay system and it is really amazing. Imagine the application with you in your car that is powered by Apple CarPlay so that you can easily enjoy the Quran.

A widget on the front of the device

If you ask us about the best feature of the Quranic Hymns application, I will tell you without hesitation is the widget, and the reason is that I can finally hear the Qur’an very quickly without opening any application and without doing anything. Just click on the name of the surah in the widget and immediately it will work, even there is an advantage about editing the widget To run Surah without opening the application.

What are you waiting for download the application now

First, may God reward the developer of this application, and may God reward the best of everyone who contributed to the spread of this application, and we ask God not to deprive us of this reward.

‎Tarateel AlQuran Hymns of the Qur'an

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