There is no doubt that the popularity of the Apple Watch is increasing day by day, although the watch works only with the iPhone and not with Android devices. Despite the health features offered by the watch that develop with each new release or update, there are some other features that improve the user experience in other important ways, including accepting incoming calls to the iPhone through it, as well as sending predefined messages quickly Photography and unlocking the iPhone, these and other uses can be done by the Apple Watch. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it.

Unlocking the iPhone while wearing the mask

We talked about this feature in a previous article – Link As a reminder, a new feature was introduced in the iOS 14.5 update, through which you can unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch. Instead of running a FaceID check, your iPhone will know you're wearing a mask and use your watch to authenticate and unlock your device. To enable the feature, go to Settings FaceID and enable “Unlock with Watch.” Keep in mind that the watch needs to set up a passcode with wrist detection enabled.

Quickly silence incoming calls

Your Apple Watch also notifies you of every incoming message, mail, call, etc., if audio is enabled. However, you may not want your watch to keep ringing for an incoming call in some situations. In such cases, you can cover the watch screen with the palm of your hand for 3 seconds, and it will mute the sound notifications. Just make sure you have Cover to Mute on, open Settings on your Apple Watch, tap Sounds & Haptics, then tap Cover to Mute.

Easily share watch faces

Have you found a new and cool face and want to share it with friends? With the WatchOS 7 update, Apple enabled this feature on the watch. Press and hold the screen to view the available watch faces, then tap the share button under the watch face you want to share with friends. Next, select the New Message option, and the watch will give you the option to send the watch face to anyone as an iMessage.

Reply quickly to messages

The Apple Watch allows you to view, read, and reply to messages from your iPhone, and send messages. Open the Messages app on the watch, then swipe up the screen, tap New Message, tap Add Contact, tap a contact in the list Recent conversations that appear, then choose one of the options:

Press the microphone button to search for someone in the contacts or dictate the phone number.

Press the add contact button to choose from the full contact list.

Press the keypad button to enter the phone number.

As for the option to send a quick reply via predefined messages. By default, you get some preset default messages, but you can also customize and add to these messages. Open the Watch app and head over to Automatic Replies to Messages or Messages Default Replies. Scroll down, and you will get the option to 'Add Reply', type your message and save it.

iPhone camera control

We also talked about this feature previously, the camera app on the Apple Watch is excellent for use such as looking at the scene and shooting from a distance. However, the camera app on the watch is not limited to this function only. You can also access advanced camera controls. Press and hold on the watch face to bring up additional camera settings to control flash, HDR, and live photos. There is also a mirroring option to switch between the back and front camera if needed.

Improved vibrating power of notifications

If you prefer to wear your Apple Watch a little loosely, you may feel that the intensity of the notification vibration is weak and you may not notice it, in this case you can increase the strength of the watch vibration. Open the Clock app and go to Settings, then Sounds & Haptics, to enable the more powerful touch feature.

Better manage incoming calls

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch notifies you of incoming calls. Additionally, if you're in a situation where your iPhone isn't nearby to accept the call, you can use your Apple Watch to accept the call and automatically put the caller on hold so you can access your phone. To enable this, swipe up on the watch screen. When you see an incoming call, this button will show you Answer iPhone. When you press the button, the call will be accepted, and the caller will be held on hold until you press the green button on your iPhone to pick up the call.

What do you think of these features? And if you know another feature or trick, let us know in the comments below.



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