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After a few hours it starts Apple Developers Conference ( WWDC 2021 ) And this year the conference is different because The leaks were very limited We are very excited to see what Apple has to offer this year. Like last year, the entire conference experience will be via the Internet, and Apple announced the availability of a live broadcast on the date of the conference, and in the following lines you know how to watch the live broadcast, follow the conference and learn about the new first.

The picture shows the dates of the Apple conference broadcast in the capitals of Arab countries, and at the time of the conference, you can watch the conference through the live broadcast via YouTube, or through the Apple website directly from any browser, or through the Apple TV application.

IPhone Islam application update

We hope that you have already updated the iPhone Islam application, in the latest version you can know the time remaining until the Apple conference, and you can show this feature at any time by clicking on the iPhone Islam logo.

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How to follow the conference via the Sync app

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Open alerts for tag WWDC It will be useful if you want to know every little thing and big thing that happens at the Apple conference, and you can do this by ...

Enter the Sync menu, then Resources andLook for the WWDC tag

You must be subscribed to a sync app to activate alerts

Click on the arrow next to the tag name to open all articles related to this topic, then activate notifications

Of course, as we have been accustomed to you on the iPhone Islam, we will publish an article that collects the most important things from the conference and explains everything in a simple way. So don't worry if you don't want to follow the live broadcast.

Are you excited for this year's conference, and will you follow the live broadcast?

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