Compare models IPhone 13 With iPhone 12 models, iPhone 13 is unattractive and unnecessary for most users, but for those with older iPhones, that's a different story, especially when it comes to camera quality. In this comparison, iPhone 13 was compared to iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 8, and iPhone 6, and it came to the conclusion that if you have an older model and love to take a lot of photos, you need to upgrade to iPhone 13‌ .

Comparing the iPhone 13 camera with older iPhone phones in all circumstances

Comparing the iPhone 13 camera with its siblings

It's no surprise that the iPhone 13 excels in these photos, and here we see the stark differences between the photos and how the camera has incredibly evolved. The iPhone 8 is closer in quality and has a color profile quite similar to the iPhone 13, but there is still a noticeable difference in low-light conditions.

With the iPhone 11 Pro, it's hard to see improvements in brightly lit photos at night, but the iPhone 13‌ does a much better job with those lights, with less lens flare, and Deep Fusion that works primarily with indoor lighting makes a difference. Big here, especially in the photo details.

iPhone 11 Pro has some blurring issues that affect most photos, and it's more visible at night and in the afternoon when the sun is low. Previous iPhones had a lot of trouble exposing different areas accurately with uneven lighting, and Apple has made a lot of improvements in this area over the past few years.

iPhone 13 excels in color accuracy, including skin tones, outperforming all older iPhones. It's also great in HDR, and in every way it's crystal clear, even when the lighting is less than ideal.

Want to see high-resolution versions of the comparison images to have a closer look at the differences? Go to this link - Here. Watch the comparison video:

There were multiple comments about the iPhone 11 Pro's camera lens used in the video, and that the lens wasn't OK, so the iPhone 11 couldn't be that bad. The photographer stated that he cleaned the lenses of each camera before taking pictures to ensure that they were free of any smudges, and that there were no scratches or other defects in them.

Photos were taken with other iPhone 11 Pro devices, and the same exposure issues and lens flare were consistently found in certain lighting conditions, such as when there was a side lighting element or bright sun filtering into the lens, but this fog effect is not seen in all lighting conditions.

After seeing this comparison, is iPhone 13 worth the upgrade? Tell us in the comments.



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