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Mahmoud Sharaf


Here's everything new in Messages on iOS 18

The iOS 18 update adds many new features to the Messages app, including the ability to schedule messages, use any emoji or sticker as a quick reply, and also adds text formatting options such as bold and italic, and other features that we learn about in this article.


News on the sidelines for the week of July 5-11

Apple is developing a new version of the plastic Watch SE, the iPhone 16 Pro will support 40-watt fast charging, Samsung launches the Galaxy Fold Z 6 and Flip Z 6 phones, headphones, smart watches and more, and Apple makes it easier to switch from Google Photos to i-Cloud Photos, And other exciting news on the sidelines...


iPhone 16 Pro: Will Apple surprise us with the 5x optical zoom camera?

Apple is close to unveiling the iPhone 16 Pro, and with it, leaks about the expected improvements are increasing. Most notable is the 5x optical zoom camera, which takes the photography experience to a different level. The article reviews the Taiwanese suppliers behind this camera and the potential challenges of manufacturing.


News on the margin the week June 28 - July 4

The official arrival of Apple Glasses to countries outside the United States, a 10% increase in the battery life of the upcoming iPhone due to the new design, the iPhone 16 Pro equipped with an advanced Samsung OLED M14 screen, and Google unveiling the Pixel 9 phones next month before the launch of the iPhone. 16, and Fortnite on the iPhone soon, and other exciting news on the sidelines...