Although most modern devices, such as the iPhone, already offer fast charging, you may have had a hard time getting enough charge in the time you have available, and in this short time you may need to charge the iPhone faster so that it lasts time Longer, and the good thing is, there are a few things you can do to help your iPhone charge faster.

Always use the charger adapter

Now, many wall outlets with a USB-C connection have begun to spread so that you can charge your device without a charger adapter or what many know as the “charger head or plug from the Plug”, and similarly, you can use a lightning cable to charge the iPhone by connecting it to your car or device MacBook.

Although it is useful when you only have a cable, it will not be enough to charge your iPhone quickly, and if you want to charge it as fast as possible, you will need to use a charging adapter and a certified lightning cable.

Upgrade the charger and cable

Which helps to quickly charge the iPhone, you will need to get a suitable charger and cable, it is known that Apple no longer guarantees a charger with the new iPhone. So if you buy an iPhone 13, you will have to get the charger yourself, there are many great chargers in the market, and you have to buy a reliable one with a power of 20 watts, and this will be more than enough to charge any iPhone quickly.

Do not use wireless charging

There is no doubt that wireless charging is convenient, just put the iPhone appropriately and it will be charged, but if you want to charge the iPhone quickly, you must charge through the Lightning port, even if the MagSafe charger is fast, but it is not as fast as using Ordinary charging cable.

Put the iPhone in a suitable temperature

The iPhone is smart enough to know when the environment is too hot to charge properly. If the iPhone heats up, it will slow down or stop charging completely.

Try to charge the iPhone in a room where the temperature is moderate, likewise, take the iPhone out of the case if it is too hot to affect charging, and of course, try not to use your phone while charging because that will make it hot too.

Turn off Optimized Battery Charging

Apple has added Optimized Battery Charging as a feature that helps extend the life of the iPhone battery, as it does this by learning your charging procedures and then makes charging slower after reaching 80% by default, and if you are in a hurry, you may want to change it on as follows:

◉ Open Settings.

◉ Go to the battery.

◉ Tap on the battery status.

◉ Turn off Optimized Battery Charging.

Keep in mind that Optimized Charging is a feature that it is recommended to always turn on. As mentioned, it improves battery life, so disable this feature only when you need a fast charge and turn it back on again when you're done.

Do not use the iPhone while charging

Try not to use the iPhone while charging if you want to charge it quickly, in this way, you don't have to waste energy as it does its best to charge it, not only using the iPhone while charging allows it to charge as fast as possible, but it may also damage the battery if you do it often. In general, it is better to give the iPhone a rest while charging.

Turn on flight mode

Cellular network signal improvement

To charge faster, turn on Airplane mode, this will disable cellular connectivity and thus data, Wi-Fi, etc. It is known that cellular connection consumes a lot of energy due to the constant search for the best cellular tower to use, also make sure to turn off Bluetooth and thus the Apple watch and headphones will be disconnected AirPods for iPhone, so everything will be provided for fast charging.

Use Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode helps reduce background activity. This feature is usually used to help you save battery life, and you can use it to help your iPhone charge faster as well, just like Airplane Mode. Keep in mind that most apps won't update in the background, so you won't receive many notifications or emails.

To turn on Low Power Mode, you need:

◉ Go to settings.

◉ Tap on the battery.

◉ Turn on low power mode.

◉ Low Power Mode will automatically turn off when the iPhone is fully charged, so don't worry about turning it off afterwards.

Turn off the iPhone

Charging the iPhone while it is turned off helps to charge as quickly as possible, and as it is known, there are two ways to turn off the iPhone. Firstly, press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons for a few seconds and then scroll to power off. Or you can turn it off from settings:

◉ Go to settings.

◉ Tap General.

◉ Scroll down and tap Power off, then scroll to Power off.

In one of these ways, you can charge the iPhone or other phones faster than usual.

What method do you use to charge the iPhone quickly? Tell us in the comments.



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