Have you ever wondered how many times a word like “water” is mentioned in the Qur’an? Of course, you may think that it is easy to open any Quran application and search for the word water, but what about the word “water” or “water” or “its water” or “your water” no Quran application will be able to search for the word and its derivatives easily. Perhaps you want to search for more than one word, but you want it in the same verse, such as “Messenger” and “God.” What if you want to search for verses that contain prostration, or verses that talk about alcohol? Then you need the Al Fanous app, which is an advanced Quran search engine.

What is the lantern application? In short, the lantern is like Google for the Internet, but it is a specialized and advanced researcher for the Qur’an. Just as you can search the Internet for the most accurate things in all forms, the application of the lantern will help you in searching for the most accurate things and in several forms, and you will sail as you have never sailed before to find what you want in the Book of God, God willing. The Lantern application will be a great helper for every Muslim who specializes in religious sciences and also the non-specialist and everyone who has a passion and love to learn more about the Qur’an. It is the only application in the world that gives a huge ability to search in the Qur’an using an open source search engine that is award-winning, and we have cooperated with the engine developers to take it For a completely new stage to serve everyone who owns an iPhone and an iPad, and it will be the first application in the world specialized in researching the Qur’an.

The biggest challenge in the application of the lantern was to make an advanced and complex search engine in this way suitable for everyone, even without specialists. Therefore, we provided tools and assistance, and the application was demolished and built more than once until we finally reach what we can say is an advanced application and at the same time easy to use.

Let's start with the application interface

As one notes the application is simple all you have to do is start typing what you are looking for, for example let's write the word “water”.

As soon as you type the letters, you will notice that there is a help bar that suggests words from the Qur’an, and I know that if you type a word and it does not appear in the help bar, this means that this word is not present in the Qur’an, after you type “what” click the word “water: in the help bar to complete the word is yours. Then press (Search) on the keyboard.

You will notice the results of the search for the word “water” and it will show you the verses of the Qur’an that contain the word water as it is. You will also find the word formations in the Qur’an, and you can click on any of them to search with this formation only, but if you want all the word’s derivatives, click on the word ( derivatives).

After clicking on the word Derivatives, a graph will appear showing you the most frequently repeated words from the derivatives and the number of repetitions for each word, and the verses that contain any of these derivatives will appear to you. Thus, you will be able to list all the verses that contain water, whatever the method of writing.

Now you can click on any verse and it will show you information about this verse, also about the surah, and an easy interpretation of the verse.

You can also click on the share button, to share the verse as an image or even as a text, and note how the participation image is very beautiful and perfect.

there is more

This is the simple picture of using the application, but as we mentioned the application is very advanced. After typing any word, you can press a space to show you the help bar advanced options such as searching in Jeddah from the word or searching for derivatives of the word or its root, or even searching for this word in a specific surah only.

For more information for applicants and Quran lovers who want to know more, you can press the help button (?)

Also, searching by topic is one of the most important features of the lantern application. You will find a special section in the list that arranges the Qur’an for you to search the topic.

For example, you can search for one of the prophets, and list the verses that talk about this prophet, not on the condition that he mentioned his name in the verse, because the application of the lantern is very clever and the classification of verses in it is very advanced.

Benefits from the Qur'an

Benefits from the Quran section is one of the sections that shows the power of the lantern application and how you can use this application to extract benefits from the Quran.

In this section, when you click on any benefit, you will see the search term that was used to obtain this benefit, and you will find some complex search phrases that you can learn from to use the lantern application to extract many benefits, as an example of searching for the longest verse in the Qur’an and the search phrase is rather complicated ( H_a: [400 to 900]), which is to search for verses whose letters are between 400 and 900, and therefore the verse of religion will appear to you, which has 551 letters.

We have developed this work completely free of charge “We do not desire from you any reward nor thanks”

But the Alfanous application depends on the open source Alfanos engine, this mighty work was done by a number of the best software developers in the world donating their time and money, and they have been working on it for many years and bear the costs of hosting and updating it, so if you want to participate in this good, and not burden them with the load It is neglected as it happened with many important Islamic services. You can donate to them through their site. You will find the donation link at the bottom of the page.


Alfanous - an advanced Quranic search engine
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