Since its appearance and until now, the iPhone is one of the best-selling smartphones, we know that and you also and even Android users (not all of them of course) and that's why we always find the iPhone in the list of best-selling phones in the world, and this year 2022 will not be different It is the other, where the iPhone 13 is on the throne of the best-selling devices in the market today, but undisputed.

iPhone 13 best seller

Although it was launched only a few months ago, the iPhone 13 lineup managed to be the most popular smartphone in 2022 and this news comes from Francisco Jeronimo, Vice President of IDC, a global company specializing in research and market consulting, and Francisco published a tweet in which he announced For the best-selling smartphones in the first quarter of 2022, they came as follows:

  •  iPhone 13 in first place
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max in second place
  • Galaxy A12 in third place
  • iPhone 13 Pro in fourth place
  • Galaxy A32 in fifth place

Apple is coming back strong

According to Francisco's tweet, the entire iPhone 13 family dominates the competition in the smartphone market, and Apple devices occupy the first and second places, then the iPhone 13 Pro comes again in fourth place, bringing Apple's revenue from the iPhone 13 lineup to about 42 billion dollars, i.e. 84 At the same time, the Korean giant Samsung made only $ 3.6 billion due to the strong sales of both the A12 and A32.

And we can understand from this list that Apple and Samsung already dominate the smart phone market, how much the iPhone is still Apple’s spoiled child, which brings it a lot of money so far. In addition, despite the fact that the price of the iPhone 13 is high compared to the existing Samsung phones. In the list and there are cheap iPhone devices (such as the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone SE), there is still a strong demand from users to buy expensive phones in order to achieve maximum value for the price.

IPhone 14

iPhone sales are still strong, as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 were the best-selling phones for 2020 and 2021, respectively, and now iPhone 13 dominates 2022, and it seems that it will not stop there and will continue IPhone 14 The march is expected to become the most popular and best-selling phone in 2023.


It seems that the iPhone 14 will come with a longer battery life and better performance, as rumors indicate that the new device will come with Touch ID under the screen and remove the notch with improvements to the camera.

In the end, we will wait until the unveiling of the iPhone 14, and then we can judge the new device and whether it can be on the list of best-selling or not, but I expect it to include very great features and as usual will be the most famous and best-selling Apple.

How about you, do you think iPhone 14 will be cool, tell us in the comments



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