The Korean giant Samsung may have dominated the smartphone market in terms of market shares in 2022. However, the maker IPhone It manages to outpace it when it comes to the most popular brand. As Apple was able to undisputedly dominate the list of the ten best-selling smartphones of 2022.

Apple and Samsung

According to market research firm Counterpoint Research, Apple has managed to become the most popular smartphone brand over the past year by a sweep. This is the first time that a single brand gets eight of the top ten smartphones and Samsung managed to narrowly secure two seats for it.

iPhone dominance

The market research company said that the iPhone 13 was the best-selling smartphone in 2022, as it managed to contribute 28% of iPhone sales and dominated the most important global markets such as China, Germany, France, England and America.

And the matter did not stop there, as Counterpoint data indicates that the iPhone 13 remained the best-selling smartphone every month since its launch in September 2021 until August 2022.

Although sales of the iPhone 13 were more than twice as high as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the latter was able to occupy second place in the top ten best-selling smartphones for the year 2022. As Apple began to focus new features on the higher models, this is why the iPhone was able to 14 Pro Max to reach the third place and was the best-selling in the months of September, October and November.

The iPhone 12 (the best-selling phone in 2021) ranked sixth, thanks to strong sales in America, Japan and China. As for the third generation of iPhone SE, it was able to compete and get the ninth place in the list after it got a strong boost in the Japanese market.

 As for Samsung, it was able to hold two positions out of ten, the fourth with its Galaxy A13 phone and the tenth thanks to the strong sales of its Galaxy A03 phone.

The ten best selling smartphones of 2022

  1. IPhone 13
  2. IPhone 13 Pro Max
  3. IPhone 14 Pro Max
  4. Galaxy A13
  5. IPhone 13 Pro
  6. IPhone 12
  7. IPhone 14
  8. IPhone 14 Pro
  9. IPhone SE 2022
  10. Galaxy A03

These 19 phones account for 3600% of global sales. The market research firm says there were about 2022 premium smartphone models available for sale in 4200, compared to about 2021 flagship models available in XNUMX.

Finally, although the iPhone maker sold 8 of the top 10 best-selling smartphones in 2022, Apple is still the second largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung last year. It is followed in third place by the Chinese company, Xiaomi, which managed to outperform other Chinese companies such as Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo.

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