We are only a few days away from the conference unveiling the iPhone 15 series, and there are still many rumors that constantly appear about the new iPhone, which will be one of the most powerful smartphones in the market this year thanks to its amazing features, especially support The USB-C port, but this is not the only feature as the iPhone 15 is expected to support the Thunderbolt port, but what does this mean for you, continue reading the article until you know everything about Thunderbolt technology in the iPhone 2023.

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iPhone 15 and Thunderbolt port

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It is expected that Apple will switch from the Lightning port to the USB-C port in the iPhone soon, thanks to the laws of the European Union, which forced Apple to use the new port in its smartphone, while the iPhone maker still has one year to go. Before complying with the new EU rules, however, the company apparently decided to switch to USB-C with the iPhone 15.

But that's not all, according to the ChargerLAB website (which specializes in everything related to charging and ports), we can see that in addition to USB-C, the iPhone 15 port will contain a smaller chip (the Retimer chip), which is usually found in ports that support Thunderbolt technology. For a better and faster connection.

 What does Thunderbolt support mean?

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Apple Macs contain a Thunderbolt port (thunderbolt port) next to the iPad Pro, but what does it mean to support the iPhone 15 for the Thunderbolt port, and it can be said that the Thunderbolt standard is a protocol developed by Intel in cooperation with Apple, and through this port, Users can transfer data between devices up to four times faster than the USB-C port and 80 times faster than the Lightning port on the iPhone.

The current Lightning port (works with the USB 2.0 standard) in the iPhone transfers files at a speed of 480 Mbps, while when using the Thunderbolt port in the iPhone, you will be able to transfer files at speeds of up to 40 Gbps.

This means you'll be able to transfer any file, photo or video in a jiffy, which is especially useful if you shoot a lot of 4K video, which can get quite large and heavy to transmit.

In addition to transferring data faster, the presence of a USB-C port that supports Thunderbolt technology may mean that you will be able to charge your iPhone faster than before.

Although rumors indicate that Apple is determined to make the iPhone 15 able to use a 35-watt charger compared to 27 watts with the iPhone 14 Pro Max charger, the Thunderbolt port will make it much faster, and you will be able to charge Your entire device within a short period not exceeding an hour.

Which model will get a Thunderbolt port?

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 It is expected by a large percentage that the new iPhone will support the Thunderbolt port, but any device will get this technology in the iPhone 15 models, and perhaps the answer can be deduced as Apple uses Thunderbolt technology with the iPad Pro only, so that the device appears as professional, powerful and in In contrast, the iPad Air contains a slower USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 port at 10Gbps, while the iPad mini has a USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 port at 5Gbps, and the regular iPad contains a USB 2.0 port, which It works at 480 Mbps. Thus, Apple's next step will be for the 40Gbps Thunderbolt port, by making it an exclusive feature for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models.

In the end, we reviewed everything about Thunderbolt technology in the iPhone 2023, and now we just have to wait until Tuesday 12th of this month as the date of the Apple conference, and then we will know if we will actually see a USB-C port and Thunderbolt support in the iPhone lineup 15 or not, a few days and we will confirm this rumor.

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