The Visual Look Up feature on the iPhone, which competes with Google Lens, through which you can scan photos and videos to search for them and related information online, so if you are looking at something and wondering, “What is this?”, visual search It can solve the problem and provide answers in seconds. The feature does not limit itself to searching for things online, but rather it allows you to upload the subject you want to search for from the image and use it in other applications. With every iOS update, Apple creates new functions for the visual search feature. In the iOS 16 and iOS 17 updates in particular, there are a lot of great uses for this tool, and here are 7 favorite ways to use this feature, learn about them.

How to use the visual search feature

To turn on the visual search feature, all you have to do is:

◉ Take a photo or video of the subject you want to identify, then open the photo or video in the Photos app. Open a photo in full screen or pause a video.

◉ Then tap the info icon (i) icon in the bottom toolbar, “The icon may change for anything you shoot,” and if this info button displays an icon with stars like food زر معلومات الطعام المكتشَف Or plant or otherwise, then public visual search is available.

◉ In the next window, tap General Search at the top of the image information to view the visual search results.

◉ Press the close button to close the visual search results, then swipe down on the photo or video frame to close the photo information.

Now we take a look at 7 great ways to use this visual search feature and what it can do.

Identify plants

Have you ever seen a plant that you would like to grow in your home or garden, but you do not know its name or type and whether the environment is suitable for growing it? And all about it, just using the visual search feature, you can simply take a photo of the plant to know all the details about it.

Get to know the pets

If you are someone who prefers to own a pet, the visual search feature can easily identify dogs, cats, and other pets to allow you to know their breed, species, and everything you want to know about them.

Determine washing instructions

This is one of the special additions that came with the iOS 17 update. The symbols for laundry labels resemble a strange language. It gets even worse when you have clothes coming from another country, as the symbols are often different from the ones you see on clothes from your home region. The good thing is, iOS 17 can decode these codes for you so you can avoid any problems with your clothes during washing.

Identify problems with the car's dashboard

The warning lights on your dashboard may look alarming. Many symbols with unclear meanings can be confusing to those who do not know them well or do not have access to their user manual. Some of these codes may indicate potential problems that could harm your vehicle. Now with the iOS 17 update, your iPhone can now help you by interpreting these codes for you. This way, you can know if it needs to be filled with oil, or if something is faulty and you should consult a mechanic.

Learn about food and provide recipes

In the iOS 17 update, you can now search for food. This is very useful when traveling, if you have no idea about certain dishes and what you should order? The iPhone's visual search feature can now identify a dish from a photo, as well as find recipes for you, allowing you to prepare it yourself at home.

Upload topics from photos

This feature was included in the iOS 16 update, and was one of the notable features of this version. Visual search can identify and upload topics from your photo. You can then paste them into different apps, such as Notes, Messages, or WhatsApp, where they become funny or cute stickers that you can use repeatedly.

This works a little differently than simply searching for a topic. To upload a topic, open the image and long press on the topic you want to detach. When you see it moving keep your finger on it the whole time, use a second finger to swipe up and open another app, then release your first finger to drop the uploaded photo into that app.

Identify and upload topics from the video

Videos are just a series of still images. iOS can therefore perform visual search on videos as well as still images. You can also upload topics from videos just like you do with photos.

Have you used the visual search feature on the iPhone before? How was it with you? Tell us in the comments.


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