According to some Korean sources, Apple is preparing a surprise. Some Korean sources stated that Apple is currently working on launching a foldable device, and that will be in the period between 2026 and 2027. But on the other hand, Apple is still working on developing the iPad mini. It is equipped with an OLED screen. But what will Apple's foldable device be like? Will it be in the iPhone or iPad category? We will explain all the details to you in this article, God willing.

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Apple is considering launching a foldable device

Korean reports indicate that Apple is seriously considering launching a new foldable device. The device will have a screen size of 7 to 8 inches. This sparked controversy over Apple's commitment to producing the iPad mini. Although Apple is currently working on developing the iPad mini screen and providing it with an OLED screen, some expect that Apple's foldable device will be an alternative to the iPad mini.

The sources also confirmed that Apple will cooperate with both LG and Samsung, and that in 2023 they have already presented some models of 7- and 8-inch foldable screens. In addition, Apple is said to have agreed with LG and Samsung on elements such as glass material, display casing and designs. All current negotiations are taking place around the durability and reliability of the products.

In another context, Apple is currently working on designing a foldable device with a 20.5-inch screen. But Apple has not announced it yet, and it does not know when it will be ready to be released on the market. But with all that, we can say that Apple will enter the field of foldable devices soon. This is because Apple believes that competition is not impossible with companies such as Samsung and Huawei. This is not far from Apple, which possesses all the elements that make it a strong competitor and a dark horse in this particular market.

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What happens to Apple's sales of iPad devices during the last quarter of 2023?

Sales of iPad devices witnessed a significant decline, according to the financial results for the last quarter of 2023. The percentage of decline in sales of iPad devices reached about 25%. In other words, Apple achieved tablet sales during the last quarter of 2022 of about $9.4 billion, while for the last quarter of 2023, Apple achieved sales of only $7 billion.

One of the most important reasons for this decline in sales is that Apple did not launch any iPad during 2023. Certainly, this is a logical reason for this decline. But in the same context, Apple is still the highest sales company in the tablet market.

It is worth noting that Apple may release new iPad devices in 2024, the most important of which is the iPad Pro with an OLED screen, and this will be a reason for increasing sales of tablets that Apple offers to users.

But on the other hand, Apple achieved more than $119 billion in the last quarter of 2023 from selling its products. Sales of iPhone 15 phones amounted to more than $69 billion.

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Do you think Apple is capable of offering a foldable device? Would you prefer it over the iPad mini? Tell us in the comments.



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