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Everything you want to know about Apple's new Image Playground app

Apple introduces a new application capable of creating images in a fun and playful way! Apple introduced Image Playground, which is capable of creating images and animations, or as Apple called it, Genmoji. Here are all the details you need about the Image Playground application in the following article, God willing.


Apple has stopped repairing tiny cracks in iPhone screens

Apple announced a change in its new policy regarding repairing screens that contain scratches or fine cracks. It also announced that the customer will pay the entire cost. On the other hand, Apple pledges to fix a loophole in its parental control tools after publishing a report in the Wall Street Journal explaining that Apple overlooked solving the loophole for three years!


How can you set up early reminders for your tasks on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

We all turn to Apple's Reminder app to remind us of important appointments and events that need arrangements. So we present to you how to set up early reminders within the Reminders app. Through it, you can set up a reminder before the main task date to remind you of any preliminary arrangements before the main event. Follow this article with us.


Apple Pencil Pro: Explaining all the new features

During its recent conference, Apple announced the new version of the Apple Pencil Pro, which has been long-awaited since the last version in 2018. It is worth noting that Apple has provided many features in its smart pen; Such as the double-click feature, tap gestures, the Find MY tracking feature, and others. In this article, here are all the details you want to know about the Apple Pencil Pro, what are the official prices, and when it will be available on the official website.


Apple introduces the renewed iPhone 14 phones and is considering changing the direction of its logo on the iPad

Contrary to what was expected from Apple and its policy in selling smartphones, Apple officially launched the renewed iPhone 14 range in its online store last Friday. All this with low and competitive prices to stimulate its sales in global markets. On the other hand, reports revealed that Apple intends to change the direction of its logo on iPad devices in the future. Here are all the news in this article, God willing.


iPad Mini coming in 2026, is it worth the wait?

After the news that Apple will not launch the iPad Mini, the news indicates that Apple intends to introduce the iPad Mini in 2026 with the addition of an OLED screen instead of LTPO! But the thing that stopped everyone was that the iPad Mini will not support Pro Motion technology. Here is all the news you need about the iPad Mini, and how Apple started offering OLED screens, in this article, God willing.


Apple appeals the European Union's decision to pay a $2 billion fine to Spotify

The European Union implemented its threats to Apple regarding the issue of monopolistic practices with Spotify, and imposed a fine estimated at 2 billion dollars! As for Apple, it decided to appeal the European Court’s decision. Apple believes that everything that happened did not affect the interest of the European consumer in any way. Here are all the details about the EU fines from Apple in favor of Spotify.


Mac Studio and Mac Pro updates delayed until 2025

Apple has decided that it will not update the Mac Studio and Mac Pro with the new chips until 2025, and all because the time plan it has set will not allow it to introduce the new chips before the middle of next 2025. On the other hand, Apple decided to offer some discounts within the Chinese market. All of this is a reaction to the successes of the Chinese company Huawei.


What is the Repair Status feature in iOS 17.5 update?

Have you heard about Apple's new Repair Status feature in iOS 17.5 update? Apple has introduced a new feature whose goal is to protect the phone during the maintenance process. The repair feature provides several mandatory steps for the user before submitting his device to the Apple Service Center, such as canceling the Find MY feature or unlocking the activation lock.


Apple M4 processor: Performance tests confirm the power of the new processor

Apple impresses its users a week after launching the iPad Pro devices. This is where the GeekBench platform confirmed the power of the new M4 processor, and it was reported that after testing on 10 different standards; The M4 processor was able to outperform the M3, M2, and all previous versions from Apple. Here are all the details you need, God willing, about the performance tests on the new Apple processor.


Apple boasts of selling Vision Pro glasses to the most successful American companies

In Apple's recent financial results announcement as well as the new iPad launch conference, Tim Cook took advantage of these events and pointed out that the Vision Pro glasses are attracting the attention of a large group of major companies. He stated that nearly half of the American companies listed on the Fortune 100 list have requested to purchase units of Vision Pro glasses.