Apple has made a change in an update iOS 17.4.1 The latter caused an uproar among the occupation and those who support them. Last week, social media users supporting the occupation noticed that the iPhone keyboard suggested the emoji of the Palestinian flag when typing the word “Jerusalem.” This had not happened before this update, as a flag was appearing. Occupation when writing “Jerusalem” as an emoji. They even describe this, with their usual arrogance and arrogance throughout the ages, as a form of anti-Semitism.

From, a close-up of a finger pressing the “Search” button on a smartphone screen with the word “Jerusalem” written and a Palestinian flag emoji.

The status of the city of Jerusalem has long been a subject of controversy. With the exception of the occupying entity itself, only a few countries recognize Jerusalem as their capital, including the United States since 2017. However, the United Nations and the international community generally view Jerusalem as two cities, East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem, as they consider East Jerusalem , including the entire Old City, is part of the West Bank or occupied Palestine.

Apple says it will fix the emoji

Apparently, Apple sees this as a problem. She said in a statement to some news sites that the emoji error was unintended, and that she plans to fix that in an upcoming update.

According to one social media user, he said he experienced an issue with the Palestinian flag symbol, and said it was not showing up for all iPhone users. This depends on each user's iPhone keyboard settings.

A user on the

This is not the first time that Apple has caused controversy related to global affairs, especially sensitive geopolitics. Specifically regarding emoji issues, Apple removed the Taiwan flag symbol in 2019 from the iOS keyboard for Hong Kong and Macau users.

From, a digital screenshot showing a notes app with the word "Taiwan" written and an autocomplete suggestion displaying the Taiwanese flag, sparking controversy.

In 2019, Apple Maps began classifying Crimea as part of Russia. She faced harsh criticism because of this move. In 2022, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Apple Maps changed the classification of Crimea to return to being part of Ukraine for users outside Russia.

It's not just Apple. Last October, Palestinian Instagram users found that their social media profiles were being inaccurately translated by the platform, referring to them as “Palestinian terrorist.” But Meta Facebook apologized at the time for the problem and provided a hotfix.

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From, an artistic painting depicting a dove, the Dome of the Rock, and a person wearing a keffiyeh and carrying the symbol of the Palestinian flag, surrounded by a frame

There is no doubt that technology companies, especially large ones, face complications in dealing with sensitive geopolitical issues and the importance of addressing such issues quickly and sensitively, and these companies must take into account their customers and audiences everywhere. We, as an Arab society, especially the Gulf, are looked at with a very special gaze. By that, I mean the money and resources we have that they do not have. They need this money and these resources, so they must take this market into account, and we must defend our most basic rights, and not leave them up for grabs for those people to seize. Foreigners as they please.


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